[HCDX]: Which RRI on 4000.1 ?
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[HCDX]: Which RRI on 4000.1 ?

Dear all,
Yesterday (Friday, October 29, 15.59 UTC, 4000.1 kHz), I heard an RRI station signing off with the well known guitar tune (SIO 242).  Around the same time I was able to receive weak signals of 3960.3 (RRI Palu) and 3976.1 (RRI Pontianak). However, at 4003.2 (RRI Padang) I had no signal (or station  had already closed down). 4753.3 (RRI Ujung Pandang) came in rather strong at this time. While comparing frequencies, I just missed most of the (barely readable) female BI closing announcement on 4000.1.
I found 4000.1 listed for RRI Kendari in the Tropical band list. However, s/off time is listed as earlier. Also, RRI Padang, has been known to use other frequencies around 4000 kHz. Its absence on 4003.2 makes me uncertain about the identity of 4000.1.
Does anyone know about present s/off time for RRI Kendari and if RRI Padang has moved ?
Aart Rouw
Bühl, Germany
AR7030 + 8 m longwire.