Re: [HCDX]: GRUNDIG Satellite 800 + 900
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Re: [HCDX]: GRUNDIG Satellite 800 + 900

>  I think it is a bit strange that new receivers (Satellite 800 and Satellite
>  900) were announced on several WEB sites (like
> ), incl. pictures, but the
>  official sites of Grundig ( and ) do not
>  mention these new products at all !!??

Karel wrote.

It becomes a bit less strange if your take into account that the Satellite 
800 is a project of Grundig USA, which is quite a different company from 
Grundig Germany. More than one time I had to tell the press people at Grundig 
Germany that Grundig USA developed some new shortwave receivers or changed 
the colour of a model. The official communications between Grundig USA and 
Grundig Germany seems to be quite close to zero. In the meantime Grundig 
Germany certainly should know about the Satellite 800, just because many 
people phoned them for getting more details. ;-) But I believe it is not 
certain at this time that the radio will also be sold in Europe.

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