Re: [HCDX]: GRUNDIG Satellite 800 + 900
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Re: [HCDX]: GRUNDIG Satellite 800 + 900

>>  I think it is a bit strange that new receivers (Satellite 800 and
>>  900) were announced on several WEB sites (like
>> ), incl. pictures, but the
>>  official sites of Grundig ( and ) do not
>>  mention these new products at all !!??
>Karel wrote.
>It becomes a bit less strange if your take into account that the Satellite
>800 is a project of Grundig USA, which is quite a different company from
>Grundig Germany. More than one time I had to tell the press people at
>Germany that Grundig USA developed some new shortwave receivers or changed
>the colour of a model. The official communications between Grundig USA and
>Grundig Germany seems to be quite close to zero. In the meantime Grundig
>Germany certainly should know about the Satellite 800, just because many
>people phoned them for getting more details. ;-) But I believe it is not
>certain at this time that the radio will also be sold in Europe.

thanks for your explanation. It seems I am still living with an assumption
that there is one big German company called GRUNDIG, which is responsible
for its branches around the world - what is in fact not true anymore. Now I
understand all the consequences - thanks to you and others who responded to
my contribution to this list.

GOOD DX (also with the new Satellites),

Karel Honzik,
the Czech Republic
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