[HCDX]: R8B Noise Problem
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[HCDX]: R8B Noise Problem


I'm experiencing a noise problem generated by my Drake R8B. It occurs on my 
scanner's (all three of them) AM aircraft band (perhaps elsewhere, I just 
haven't checked) as a rumbling, grinding type noise. When I UNPLUG the R8B, 
it disappears. And turn on the R8B and the noise changes pitch/quality and 
isn't as bad. I know it isn't coming from the R8B's antenna into my scanners 
as disconnecting the antenna doesn't change anything; the noise is still 
there around 121.0 MHz. I've heard of some TV sets producing similar noise 
from an internal component, but didn't expect it from Drake.
Anyone else experience this problem with this receiver, please let me know. 
I'm calling Drake tomorrow regardless.
I'm open to suggestions, but am hoping this is more or less normal.
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