Re: [HCDX]: R8B Noise Problem
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Re: [HCDX]: R8B Noise Problem

I'm experiencing a noise problem generated by my Drake R8B. It occurs on my scanner's (all three of them) AM aircraft band

I have a Drake R8A and get the same thing on various frequencies from 40 to 150 MHz. I haven't checked other frequency ranges. I get a buzzing noise. If the clock is on, I can hear the ticking.

I've heard this is a known problem and can even be fixed by
shielding the display.  If I unplug the radio and then plug it back
in, all the display segments light up and the noise is very loud on
the scanners until the display goes back to normal.

As to the user shielding his own display, I have lost the directions
to do so.  It's not too objectionable as I normally don't listen to
the shortwave and those particular scanner frequencies at the same
time anyway.

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