[HCDX]: Re: [WUN] Radio-clock inside radios?
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[HCDX]: Re: [WUN] Radio-clock inside radios?

does anybody know why companies producing communication receivers do
not build radio-controlled clocks inside the receivers? It came on

My Drake R8A has a clock, but it is off several seconds by the end of the day if I set it in the morning. On the other hand, my DX398 will stay accurate for weeks!

I was laying in bed one morning listening to the Drake.  The clock
was on the display -- I would rather have EVERYTHING on the display
rather than just clock or frequency -- and I thought things looked
very strange.  The seconds were going by at the rate of about
2.5 per second.  I thought I was imagining things in half-sleep,
but a few days later I was wide awake and saw the same thing.  I've
seen it happen just two times.

The timer function works well, but I have not connected the radio
to anything external like a tape recorder or a computer.

Clock functions are very nice, but I do not know why manufacturers
have not included them. They are very functional, and could be used
to turn on and off various items. The DX398's clock displays all the time (a nice feature!) but there are no seconds other than the
flashing colon between the hours and minutes. The Drake displays hours, minutes and seconds OR the frequency.

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