[HCDX]: Breakfast DX
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[HCDX]: Breakfast DX


some logs from this morning:

MEXICO: 6010  XEOI Radio Mil, in Spanish with love songs and commercials,
poor, heavy QRM, best USB, 0710, 5Nov.

PERU: 4975.15  Radio del Pacífico (pres.), in Spanish with religious words
and songs, fair, 0635, 5 Nov.

VANUATU: 4960  R. Vanuatu in Pidgin and E, beautiful south pacific music,
comments by YL in presumed pidgin at 0640, yellow bird interval signal at
0659 followed by news in E read by YL. Astonighing signal at 0640 (O=3),
quickly decreasing in quality, news in E could not be understood in detail.


Enzio Gehrig
Denia/Spain (38.50N 00.04E)
nrd 535d / ar 3030 mod / mta
multiband dipole
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