[HCDX]: unid? and RRI Merauke
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[HCDX]: unid? and RRI Merauke

last night (Nov 6th.) when listening for RRI Merauke, I was confused.
3905 with good signal at 19.00 UTC with news, then announcing and
playing an Anthem as signing off at 19.08. But there was still a signal
(originating from the Pacific region as I could see, not a European
pirate) with music of the westernised type Indonesian stations often
play, and presented by a woman. After 19.30 true western musik (as ?Oh
Carol?) from mainly the 60-ies and 70-ies Much lower signal than Merauke
up to 19.08, and bad modulation with too much base. 19.58 RRI Merauke
again with better signal and modulation with interval signal and then
news. Before 19.30 should be to early for Paupua or??? No other Papuan
stations heard on 90 m, not even 4890. Australia on 120 m very strong,
Anyone with an idea of this? Merauke realying something at low power or
Best regards
Jan Edh, Hudiksvall, Sweden
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