Re: [HCDX]: R.Bhutan?
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Re: [HCDX]: R.Bhutan?

At 13:32 07.11.99 +0100, you wrote:
>Logged and recorded a decent signal on 5030.0 khz,after I seen a few
>loggings of Bhutan lately....but I'm doubtful if it's R.Bhutan!?
>The ILG database shows english with signoff at 1400 UTC.
>My logging is from 1415 to 1430 UTC,with partially english and chinese?
>Perhaps this is CNR...and not Bhutan....but their transmissions show
>only mandarin,
>does anyone have a comment to this?
>Alf Aardal

Hi Alf and the list,

to my knowledge Bhutan has never had any transmissions in any Chinese
language - and I listened to them a lot when I lived in the neighborhood
for quite a few years.  The services the have are Nepali, a few short
English segments and Dzongka - their native language, which is very similar
to Tibetan but doesn´t sound even remotely Chinese. About the time of your
logging, well - maybe they have changed their schedule a bit. Them being a
very isolated nation, I don´t think they´d announce a schedule change
anywhere. That´s for the likes of us to find out. ;-)

You could check the website of 'Kuensel', Bhutans National Newspaper - even
though I doubt they carry transmission schedules. The paper would, but the

Just tried, but got a 'The Server might be down...' notice. The address is
(or used to be) :

73 de Thomas
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