Re: [HCDX]: SA MW Bandscan
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Re: [HCDX]: SA MW Bandscan

At 15.45 7.11.1999 -0500, you wrote:
>Re unID's: 630 AA probably Tunisia, 765 Saudi Arabia,
>774 Egypt most likely (though Morocco also there),
>801 Jordan likely: check 1494, 9830, 11935 possible //'s,
>837 Canaries and Spain synchros, 864 most likely Egypt -
>often a big signal here in MA an hour after local sunset,
>936 and 999 could be Moroccans, 1107 Egypt, 1251 FF & EE
>part of Libyan external service, 1296 AA would be Sudan,
>1386 might be Iran (AA is language of the Koran, so
>perhaps a departure from Farsi otherwise used), 1557
>France ? or Gabon ?, 1566 could be Iran or the Al
>Mustaqbal clandestine from Kuwait.  AIR would not be
>AA.  Usually (at 0030, the time India-1566 is most often
>heard in this area, a // with 5010 and other 60-m outlets
>can be established), 1584 Spain is most common here,
>sometimes the Kuwait clandestine has popped up on this
>channel (in addition to 1566 and 1575).

Thanks for the scan. Some more comments: 
612 AA from ENE bearing: Bahrain?
639 AA: BBC Cyprus relay?
792 AA: Yemen, the East European: VOA Kavala?
918 East European: Slovenia?
1053 Iasi, Romania has local programming until -2000
1296 Bulgaria used to be strong here
1539 Germany is Evangeliums Rundfunk
1557 France is nowadays on later than it used to be
1575 BBC WS has 1 kW relay in Mauritius
1584 Iran is strong here, must be 100 kW tx
1593 what language: maybe Radio Free Europe, Holzkirchen, Germany in
ex-Jugoslavian languages?

73, Mauno
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