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[HCDX]: tfw 99 1/5

THE FOUR WINDS ON LINE  - Copyright  Part 1
Year   4  Number  99  - Rome, 15 November 1999
FAX: +39 06 5126262
E-MAIL:  gio.ser@xxxxxxxxxxx
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The Four Winds on Line  - Copyright  - DX newsletter edited by
Giovanni Serra, Rome - Italy.

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3) TFW on Line is distributed to Individuals, DX Editors,
    Clubs and Organizations, asking for the reciprocal exchange of
    DX Bulletins and / or contributions.
4) Excerpts may be reprinted,translated, e-mailed and / or
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    unless Copyright indicated.
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6) Suggestions and ideas are welcome.
7) If you no longer wish to receive TFW on Line  please,
    drop me a line.
loggings in order of  TIME;  frequencies in kHz;  times UTC;
ham codes as usual;  Reporting  signal quality: Loc  = local
signal; E = excellent; G = good;  F = fair; P = poor;
VP = very poor;  A = avoid.  (also in SINPO or SIO code)

FROM THE EDITOR - As stated on TFW 96,  97 & 98,  concerning my work
problems at office,  I have to slow down the issue of  TFW & TFW on
Line:  I am starting a new job of mine, not radio related, and
continuing my current job. TFW will be issued regularly till # 100. From
#  101 ,TFW will be issued, TEMPORARILY and IRREGULARLY, with tips of
mine only, I hope for some weeks. As the sole TFW editor, I apologize to
all TFW contributors, DX friends and readers for this inconvenience.  Of
course, I' ll continue to collect your contribution, hoping to have time
for radiolistening. Thank you for your attention.  (Gianni - Ed.)


AL QUAGLIERI -  0400- 9517.44-  UNID- Unid station in Arabic from
*0400-past 0500 with mideast music interspersed with several low-key
commentaries by M and W, possible mentions of Iran. Complete ID,
frequencies and sked @0459, chewed up by RFE/9520. (8-Nov/Quaglieri,
USA) --- Our winners: Tony Jones and Mahendra Vaghjee! Mahendra's
soundfile nailed it...From: Tony Jones I had Voice of Sudan
(clandestine) on 9519v at *0400 for a few weeks during May/June 1997,
when they were operating four transmitters. If 8000v is still active,
try there for a possible parallel.  From: Mahendra Vaghjee 9517 kHz
SUDAN 17.45 Tlk by man in Arabic mentioning many times Sudan Democratia
Afrika - Sudan Democratia Jameria.......Islamia.....Jamaria 17.52
something sounded like ID Sudan Democratia then followed by [Sounded]
like a patriotic Song or may be a religious Song ? went off at 18.00.
Sending you herewith a Sound File

Thank you  for all our Contributors !
(Any change of Equipment, Web Pages?? Please, drop me a line)

AL QUAGLIERI ( AQ ), Albany, NY, USA    via e - mail    RX:  Drake R8A
ANT:  an extended Zepp antenna < http://www.albany.net/~alcue/ >
ARNALDO L.SLAEN, Buenos Aires, Argentina  via e-mail,    RX: Sony
ICF2010, Realistic DX150 y General Electric Superadio GIII (para onda
media) ANT.:  hilo largo+ MFJ1045 C+Antena Activa Sony AN1
BOB HILL, Littleton, MA, USA for DX Report   via e-mail   RX: Sony
ICF-2010 with Kiwa filters  ANT: 100' dipole @ 30-35'
BRUNO PECOLATTO, Pont Canavese (TO) Italy  for Radiorama Pirate News,
via e - mail    RX: Kenwood R5000, Lowe HF150 ANT.: Yaesu FRT7700, Daiwa
AF606K, longwire 15 mt  <  http://www.arpnet.it/~air/welcome.htm > <
http://www.radiorama.it >
CHARLES BOLLAND, Lake Worth FL, USA  via e-mail  RX: NRD535D and NRD525
ANT.: Longwire < http://www.flinet.com/~chuck/  >
CHUCK RIPPEL, Cornland, VA, USA, via e-mail, RX: WJ-HF1000A, R8A,
R390A/Sherwood SE-3, Collins 51S-1, Harris RF590 <
http://www.avslvb.com/R390A/index.html > Be sure to check the SWBC
DX/Listening Section
DANIELE CANONICA, Muggio,  Switzerland, via e-mail, RX:  JRC 535   ANT.:
30 meter of LW and MLB
DAVID  J. VALKO,  USA for DX News via e-mail   RX: JRC NRD-535D -
Collins R-388     ANT.: 33 meter (NE-SW) Longwire "T"
GLENN HAUSER (GH), Enid OK, USA for GH SW/DX Report  via e-mail <
http://www.angelfire.com/ok/worldofradio >
HANS JOACHIM KOCH, Niddatal Germany, via e-mail  RX:  AOR AR7030,  ANT.:
20 m LW, Rahmenantenne mit npaßgerät     Welcome !!
JOHN A. FIGLIOZZI, USA  via e-mail
MARK J.FINE,  Remington, VA, USA  via e-mail
<http://www.erols.com/fineware > RX: JRC NRD-535D ANT.: 66' longwire
that slopes slightly southeast
MARIE LAMB, Brewerton NY, USA, Host and Producer DXing with Cumbre, via
e-mail < http://www.whr.org> or < http://www.cumbredx.org.>
MARTIN SCHOECH, Merseburg, Germany, for Clandestine Radio Watch (CRW) ,
via e-mail RX: Sony ICF 2001D ANT: Sony AN 1 (active telescopic antenna)
NICOLAS ERAMO, Buenos Aires, Argentina  via e-mail  RX & ANT.:  SONY ICF
2010 with V inverted antenna 20 mts and MFJ receiver  Antenna
tunner/Preamplifier 959B,  SONY ICF 7600G with Folder dipole antenna
with balun 32 mts
PLAY DX, Milano, Italy    Edited by Dario Monferini, via snail  mail
YIMBER GAVIRIA, Cali-Valle, Colombia, via e-mail, RX: ? ANT.: ? Web:

SW TIPS    (TIME - Freq. - Country)

0000- 6950 - PIRATES SOUTH AMERICA- Radio Sin Fronteras (Via RB) in USB,
0000 - 0047, Oct 31, Spanish, Music of Creadence, Peter Frampton and Bee
Gees ID " Hola que tal mi nombre es Billy, esta es Radio Sin Fronteras,
Musica hacia todos los Rincones.." SINPO 24342 (Eramo, Argentina)

0002- 4775 - PERU-  Radio Tarma, Tarma. 0002-0014. Sports programme.
Commentary about Lima`s football teams.- The programme`s name is:
".......deportiva". 24332 (Arnaldo Slaen, Argentina,  october 29)

0005- 3329,5- PERU- Ondas del Huallaga, Huanuco. 0005-0011. Religious
programme in quechua. 23432  (Arnaldo Slaen Argentina november 04)

0012- 5637,3 - PERU-  Radio Peru, San Ignacio (Tentative). 0012-0020.
"Musica chicha", huaynos. Greetings. 23222 (Arnaldo Slaen, Argentina,
october 31)

0023- 5523,2 - PERU-  Radio Sudamerica, Cutervo. 0023-0030. Ann.:
"....seguimos en....con nuestra selección de valsecitos peruanos...".
24332 (Arnaldo Slaen, Argentina,  october 31)

0026- 4830 - VENEZUELA-  Radio Tachira, San Cristobal. 0026-0032. Long
commentary by a speaker about Hugo Chavez and his politic. 23332
(Arnaldo Slaen, , Argentina, october 31)

0027- 4840- PERU- Radio Andahuaylas, Andahuaylas (tentative) .
0027-0038. Romantic international songs. Advs. 24442 (Arnaldo Slaen,
Argentina november 04)

0035- 4939,5 - VENEZUELA-  Radio Amazonas, Puerto Ayacucho. 0035-0042.
Ann.: "...esta es.....Radio amazonasaños haciendo historia en la
frontera, con la cultura, la informacion y la diversion.......estamos
primeros en sintonia en la radiodifusion........". Salsa. 23332 (Arnaldo
Slaen, Argentina, october 31)

0037- 5005.02- NEPAL-  R.Nepal, (pres.), 0037-0048, Long talk by man in
lang., into Nepalese sounding vocal music.  Woman at 0044. Music
continued with some exotic wailing. Very weak, really no chance for ID.
On a good subcont. night though with man Indians coming in. (Valko, USA
25 Oct.)

0045- 5700 - PERU-  Radio Frecuencia San Ignacio, San Ignacio. 0045.
Melodic music in spanish. Ann. 23332 (Arnaldo Slaen, Argentina,  october

0050- 6479,8 - PERU-  Radio Altura, Huarmaca.0050-0055. Ann: "las 19 con
51 minutos, las 19 con 51" Greetings. Melodic music. 23432 (Arnaldo
Slaen, Argentina,  october 31)

0051- 5678- PERU-  Radio Ilucan, Cutervo. 0051-0057. International
romantic songs. Greetings. Ann. 23322 (Arnaldo Slaen, Argentina november

0055- 5030- COSTA RICA- R.Mundial Adventista,Alajuela Nov
2,+0055-0100+,con mùsica evangelica notada en paralelo a 6150 (333),
9725 (343), 13750 (343),15460 (444),TC¨En nuestros Estudios las 7 de la
noche.....(01.00 UT)seguido con Tu Historia Preferida¨(Yimber

0055- 4955 - Radio Cultural Amauta, Huanta, 0055 - 0104, Oct 29,
Spanish, Musical program, female announcer, International News, TC
"siete de la noche con cincuenta y cinco minutos" ID "Esta escuchando
Radio Cultural Amauta que transmite desde la ciudad de Huanta, Peru"
SINPO 33333 (Eramo, Argentina)

0059- 6895,3 - PERU-  Radio San Miguel, Pampa Alegre (Tentative).
0059-0106. Selection of music "chicha". Ann. By a speaker at 0100. 13331
(Arnaldo Slaen, Argentina, october 31)

0100- 4919- ECUADOR- R.Quito (fqy var.), Nov 4 0100-(444),Con ¨El Teatro
del Aire¨(Yimber Gaviria,Colombia)

0100- 7125- RUSSIA- V of Russia, Nov 2 0100-0200,(343),En EspaNol en //
7180 (4),7260 (4),7330 (3),7350 (4),7390 (3),7440 (2-3),9470 (3-4),9810
(3),9860(4-5),9965 (4).Email:< letter@xxxxxx >(Yimber Gaviria,Colombia)

0110- 4890,1 - PERU-  Radio Chota, Chota. 0110-0115. Messages and
greetings read by female. Advs.: "......Victor Ramirez y la Doctora
Corazon lo aliviaran, fuera del oscurantismo, produciendo el alivio para
usted, sin tratamientos largos ni  costosos.....". 24332 (Arnaldo Slaen,
Argentina,  october 31)

0125- 4919,1- ECUADOR- Radio Quito, Quito. 0125-0131.Melodic music. Ann:
"......participe a traves de Radio Quito en este nuevo programa con la
musica folklorica ecuatoriana....", advs. "Papelerias Maldonado".
Jingle. 32322 (Arnaldo Slaen, Argentina,, october 31)

0128- 4926.3- BOLIVIA- Radio San Miguel, Riberalta, 0128 - 0135, Oct 30,
Spanish, Music and Comments, ID "Radio San Miguel, que mas"
"transmitiendo en 4925 kilohertz....Radio San Miguel" "los amigos de
Radio San Miguel" SINPO 23332, (Eramo, Argentina)

0140- 4830- VENEZUELA- R.Táchira, San Cristobal, Nov 1 0140-0145,444,"En
los 64 años de Radio Táchira el segundo encuentro de música campesina
(Yimber  Gaviria,Colombia)

0200- 7500- BULGARIA- R.Bulgaria Nov 1,*0200-0300*, (343),En EspaNol en
paralelo a 9415 (444),Anunciando otras emisiones en EspaNol: 1600-1700
Ut en 15700 y 17500; 2115-2215 UT en 13800,15700; 2300-2400 UT en
9415,11600; 0100-0200 en 9415,9700,y 11660 (Yimber Gaviria,Colombia)

0200- 9505- CUBA- R.Habana,0200,  Nov 1,(222),En EspaNol en paralelo a
11760 (3-4),11875 (4),15230 (4-5),(Yimber Gaviria,Colombia)

0200- 7180- RUSSIA- Voice of Russia, Oct 31 0200-0300,(444),En Inglès //
13665(4),notada tambièn a las 0400 UT en 7125 y 7180 KHz.(Yimber

0200- 7310- RUSSIA- V of Russia, Nov 1 0200-0300,(343),En EspaNol,notada
en paralelo a 7330(3),7390 (4),7440 (2-3),7570 Anunciada pero no hay
senal aqui;9450 (2-3),9470 (4-5),9810 (3),9860 (4),9945 (Debil cochannel
con UNID),9965 (4).(Yimber Gaviria,Colombia)

0200- 11825- USA- R.Taipei Int`l via Family Radio Nov
1,*0200-0300*,(444),En EspaNol // 15215 Khz (444),en Oct 31 de
*0400-0500* en la misma de 11740 Khz(Yimber Gaviria,Colombia)

0200- 6950- PIRATE SOUTH AMERICA- Tx via Radio Blandengue, 31/10/99  in
USB, 0200-0230 Emisora Z del Dragón, pop music singer Shakira y more pop
music, DJ: Fede (little boy!!), SINPO 44444  (Wembagher, Argentina)

0203- 6535.8- PERU-Radiodifusora Huancabamba, Huancabamba, 0203 - 0233*,
Oct 27, Spanish, Musical Program (huaynos), Comunicados and Saludos by
man announcer, ID and s/off "Radiodifusoras Huancabamba....cierra su
emision correspondiente al dia de hoy 26 de octubre de 1999...." SINPO
34333, (Eramo, Argentina)

0207- 9725- COSTA RICA- AWR Cahuita, 0207-0310, Soft SP Religious vocal
music, IDs and talk by woman after every  song. One canned announcement
by man followed by nice ID over fanfare at 0300. Thought s/off was at
0300 and set the timer to shut off the radio/tape recorder at 0310, so
missed the final sign-off!! Rats!! Good but mixing equally with
co-channel  station. Also had audio cut-outs often which has been a
problem with their recent broadcasts. This was the only freq on the air
at this time. Earlier, in the morning, all freqs (5030.1, 6149.98, 9725,
13749.78, and 15459.3) were on except 7375 at 1100. Towards the end,
5030.1 was but a weak shell of its former self. (Valko, USA 3 Nov.)

0210- 4824- PERU- LV De La Selva,Iquitos, Oct 17 0210-,45444 HOY!,c/mx
Salsa,ID, (Escuchada en Popayán)(Yimber Gaviria-Colombia)

0215- 3995- GERMANY- DEUSTCHE WELLE, Oct 17 0215- 34333,locutor en
Aleman,en paralelo a los 6110 KHz(QSA 4)(Escuchada en Popayán-Yimber

0215- 3810- ECUADOR- HD2 IOA,Guayaquil, Oct 17 0215-0216,44444,locutor
"Al oír el tono seran las 21 horas, 15  minutos,cero segundos" en
paralelo a los 1510 KHz mejor en lSB.
Web:http://orbita.starmedia.com/~hd2ioa/index.html (Escuchada en
Popayán)(Yimber Gaviria-Colombia)

0218- 2860- COLOMBIA- LV De Belalcazar,Popayán, Oct 17
0218-,44444,Notada en su segundo armonico 1430 x 2 (Escuchada en
Popayán-Yimber Gaviria-Colombia)

0230- 6950- PIRATE SOUTH AMERICA- 31/10/99  in USB, 0230-0230 Radio
Blandengue, "Ud está sintonizando R. Blandengue", "You are listen Radio
Blandengue", latin music singer Ruben Blades, SINPO 44444 (Wembagher,

0232- 9725- COSTA RICA-  R.Mundial Adventista, Oct 17 0232- 33333,con
música evangelica NO en paralelo a las dos únicas frecuencias activas
notadas hoy de  1560 y 13750 (QSA=4)con programa Vistazo
Internacional(Escuchada en   Popayán)(Yimber Gaviria-Colombia).

0258-  5050.06- TANZANIA- R. Tanzania, 0258, Choral music, 5+1 time
ticks at top of the hour, Swahili ID by man followed by presumed news.
Somewhat weak but would've been much easier without the swishing slop
QRM from the power obsessed WWCR 5070. (Valko, USA 8 Nov.)

0300- 11690- CHILE- Voz Cristiana, Oct 31 0300-,(444),En EspaNol,charlas
religiosas,paralelo a 11745 (2) y 15375 (5!)(Yimber Gaviria,Colombia)

0300- 9375 - GREECE- Voice of Greece, Nov 1 0300-(333), Inglès hacia
Norteamerica,// 9420 (4);7450 (4)(Yimber Gaviria,Colombia)

0300- 6950- PIRATE SOUTH AMERICA- Tx via Radio Blandengue, 31/10/99  in
USB, 0300-0345 Radio Sin Fronteras, music "Credence ..." y more pop
music, DJ: Billy, "Musica a todos los rincones", SINPO 44444 (Wembagher,

0300- 12689-  U.S.A-  AFRTV, in USB,  Nov 1 0300-0310,4444,con tema
"Surfin´ USA" en paralelo a 4278 USB(242) (Yimber Gaviria-Colombia)

0300- 6458- USA- AFRTV,Isabella,PR, in USB Nov 1 0300-0310,343,con
noticias en Inglés no paralelo a los 12689U (Yimber Gaviria,Colombia)

0300- 11765- BRAZIL- R.Internacional de China relay,  oct
31,*0300-0400*,343,en Español  (Yimber Gaviria,Colombia)

0304- 6480- PERU- R.Altura,Huarmaca, Oct 17 0304-,33333,c/mx
Andina,TC"las 10 de la noche con 4 minutos...Radio Altura de Huarmaca,10
con 4 la hora para todo el país"(Escuchada en Popayán)(Yimber

0317- 4460- PERU- Presumed R.Nor Andina,Celendin, Oct 17,
0317-,24322,con charlas, (Escuchada en Popayán)(Yimber Gaviria-Colombia)

0330- 15820- ARGENTINA- R.  Continental in LSB, oct 31 0330-0400,242,con
música romantica,a las 0400 con noticias por locutor en paralelo a 20276
tambien en LSB (242) (Yimber Gaviria-Colombia)

0400- 9715- USA- WYFR ¨Family Radio¨,Okechobee Oct 31,0400- (222),En
EspaNol,//  11855(3-4) y a las misma hora la note en Portugues en la
frecuencia de 11580 KHz.(Yimber Gaviria,Colombia)

0400- 6030- USA- R.Marti via VOA, Oct 310400- (333),con mx instrumental
// 7405 (4),9805 (4 con burbuja),11775 (4 con burbuja)(Yimber

0558- 4960- DOMINICAN REPUBLIC- Radio Villa 0558-0601 nice mx, ID, good
signal (Canonica, Switzerland Nov. 07)

0728- 6240-PIRATE EUROPE- R.Brigitte Int.- October 31,  Mx pop-folk,ID
in Dutch 22332 (Pecolatto, Italy / Radiorama Pirate News)

0734- 12256-PIRATE EUROPE- Wrekin R.Int.- October 31,  Pop mx,ID in E
23332 (Pecolatto, Italy / Radiorama Pirate News)

0758- 11470-PIRATE EUROPE- R.Skyline via SWRS-Rock mx,ID in G,E 33333
(Pecolatto, Italy / Radiorama Pirate News)

0806- 5805-PIRATE EUROPE-  R.Free London- October 31,  Mx pop,ID in E
23332 (Pecolatto, Italy / Radiorama Pirate News)

0820- 6281-PIRATE EUROPE- Union R.- November 7, Mx pop,ID in Dutch 23332
(Pecolatto, Italy / Radiorama Pirate News)

0830- 5805-PIRATE EUROPE- R.Free London- November 7, Mx rock,ID in E
23332 (Pecolatto, Italy / Radiorama Pirate News)

0837- 6240-PIRATE EUROPE- R.Brigitte Int.- November 1st, Mx,ID,QTH in
F,E 33333 (Pecolatto, Italy / Radiorama Pirate News)

0842- 6219-PIRATE EUROPE- Laser Hot Hits- November 1st, Mx,px in E 33333
(Pecolatto, Italy / Radiorama Pirate News)

0900- 11401-PIRATE EUROPE- R.Waves Int.- November 7, Mx,ID and QTH in G
23332 (Pecolatto, Italy / Radiorama Pirate News)

0902-6240-PIRATE EUROPE- FRSHolland- October 31,  Mx rock,19th
anniversary in E 23332 (Pecolatto, Italy / Radiorama Pirate News)

0908- 7465-PIRATE EUROPE- R.Amazonia via SWRS- October 31,  German
songs,ID in G 33333 (Pecolatto, Italy / Radiorama Pirate News)

0915- 6261-PIRATE EUROPE- R.Perfekt(or Driland?)- October 31,  Mx
folk,ID in G 33333 (Pecolatto, Italy / Radiorama Pirate News)

0918- 6302-PIRATE EUROPE- R.Dr.Tim- October 31,  Mx rock,ID in G 23322
(Pecolatto, Italy / Radiorama Pirate News)

0932- 11401-PIRATE EUROPE- R.Waves Int.- October 31,  Mx(Bowie),ID in E
33333 (Pecolatto, Italy / Radiorama Pirate News)

0935- 4826.4- PERU- Radio Sicuani 0935-0945 Noted a man and woman
sharing Spanish comments. At 0938, music presented. Signal was fair but
had a het next to it. (Bolland, USA, October 25, )

0939- 4471.88- BOLIVIA- Radio Movima 0939-0950 Noted march music
initially. Then crowing by two rosters. This followed by ID at 0942 and
then normal music. Signal was fair. (Bolland, USA, October 25)

1000- 4845.23- BRAZIL- R. Cultural Ondas Tropicais, *1000-1010, Decent
open carrier as early as 0944 (heard at 0937 next day). Instrumental ZY
NA (don't normally hear this anthem on ZY stations), 1003 canned man
with opening freq. and good morning announcement, 1004 short canned
call/ID/QTH announcement, more canned announcements, long discussion by
man and girl giving ID once. Good signal and seems daily now. (Valko,
USA 25 Oct.)

1007- 7465-PIRATE EUROPE- R.Stardust Int. via SWRS- October 31,  Mx
pop,ID in E 33333 (Pecolatto, Italy / Radiorama Pirate News)

1020- 7305- VATICAN- R.Vaticana, Nov 1020- (444),En EspaNol // 9605
(444)(Yimber Gaviria,Colombia)

1029- 4774.95- PERU- Radio Tarma 1029-1035 Noted steady music with an
occasional TC. Signal was good. ( Bolland, USA, October 23)

end of part 1
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