[HCDX]: Russian AM stations in the Caucasus & DXpedition info
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[HCDX]: Russian AM stations in the Caucasus & DXpedition info

Can our Russian contributors give some information about the status of
local programs in the Caucasus area? For years I have been trying to
pick up the following stations:

- GTRK Osetiya, Vladikavkaz (594 kHz)
- GTRK Kabbalkteleradio, Nalchik (1107 kHz)
- GTRK Karachayevo-Cherkesiya, Cherkessk (1251 kHz)
- and of course the Groznyy transmitter on 657 kHz, but without luck

I have tried the early morning local transmissions at times listed in
the WRTH. My wild guess is that the Groznyy tx has been destroyed and
the others are operating at a low power if operating at all, because I
have heard no sign of them nor have I seen them logged in this part of
Europe. I would appreciate any info on these.

BTW, I am heading for my annual DXpedition to Lemmenjoki on Sunday
evening, Nov. 14th. Will arrive there on Monday afternoon and will stay
for one week. You may find some loggings posted at


already during the DXpedition. After the "LEM132" DXpedition, a more
comprehensive log and report will be published at:


Mika Makelainen
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