[HCDX]: AFN programmin on 1503 kHz
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[HCDX]: AFN programmin on 1503 kHz

last night I logged American Forces Network programing on 1503 kHz with sports and news programme.
This was just after 2200 UTC and was in paraller with 873,  1107 and 1143.

Have some AFN station in Germany changed frequency lately. Maybe some DXer in Germany can check and confirm this?

Another possibility this could be AFRTS Lajes Field from Azores, which has been logged every Winter here in Finland,  but it's tiny only 50 watts station and been logged here mainly on dx-peditions to northern Finland with 1000 meters beverages or so. 

Any ideas?

73 Jarmo Patala,  Hyvinkaa,  Finland.

Rx : JRC NRD535
Ant: Wellbrook Communications ALA1530 loop + rotator 
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