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[HCDX]: DX news

DX news by Daniele Canonica, SWITZERLAND
RX JRC 535 with 30 meter of LW antenna and MLB

14, nov. 1999

New Tips:

MYANMAR Radio Myanmar (presumed) 5985.8 1421 heard only few seconds of
asiam mx, very low signal (Canonica, Nov.09 and 10)

UNID 9930 1530-1540 very low talk by a male voice in english
(Canonica, Nov. 09)

USA WGTG 5085 0427-0431 , ID, good signal (Canonica, Nov. 10)

UNITED ARAB EMIRATES Radio of the UAE, Abu Dhabi 15315 1240-1302 radio
comedy in arab, at 1300 time signal and ID, very good signal
(Canonica, Nov. 10)

BRAZIL (presumed) 4815 0020-0040 portuguese talk with music, bad
modulation and very low signal with severe static noise, What's ?
(Canonica, Nov. 11)

USA WFLA, Tampa 25870 (FM mode) 1420-1433 clear Id by female voice and
after the weather forecast "...in Tampa 66 degres...", signal low to
good (fades) (Canonica, Nov. 13)

UNID 4950 1640 chant and mx, very low with extreme static noise
(Canonica, Nov. 13)

TANZANIA, ZANZIBAR Voice of Tanzania 11734 1935-2001 swahili px with
nice african mx, ID as "...Radio Tanzania...", and at 2000 time "bip"
and ID in Swahili, very good signal (Canonica, Nov. 13)

ANDAMAN ISL. AIR Port Blair 4760 2350-0002 chant, ID by female voice
"...askashvani...Port Blair...", very low (Canonica. Nov. 13)

73' Daniele.

Best regards from:
Daniele Canonica
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