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[HCDX]: DX news

DX news by Daniele Canonica, SWITZERLAND
RX JRC 535 with 30 meter of LW antenna and MLB

07, nov. 1999

New Tips:

UNID 6920 1708-1728 only African and Arab mx...any ideas, what is...?,
strong signal (Canonica, Oct. 21 & 22)

CHINA (TIBET) Xizang People's Bc. (presumed) 4750 2310-2335 yl talk in
chinese, mx, at 2330 male voice but NO ID, poor signal (Canonica, Nov.

ZIMBABWE Zimbabwe Bc. (presumed) 4828 1800 yl in local language,
african mx. NO ID, good signal (Canonica, Nov. 05)

DOMINICAN REPUBLIC Radio Villa 4960 0558-0601 nice mx, ID, good signal
(Canonica, Nov. 07)

New QSL:

ISRAEL Galei-Zahal confirm my report in 28 days with classical
"microphone man" card, addr. Military Post Office 1005, Zahal, Israel

Best regards from:
Daniele Canonica
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