[HCDX]: [Fwd: Brazilian DX-Programs]
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[HCDX]: [Fwd: Brazilian DX-Programs]

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Hello friends,
again, news from Brazil. There are time changes in these DX-programs (Summer time in Brazil, until February 2000). Please, if posible, inform the DXers about these changes because usually both programs receives reception reports from many countries. Thanks a lot....
DX-Programs produced in Brazil (all times in UTC) supported by DX Clube Paulista (DXCP).
"AMIGOS DO RADIO" ('Radiofriends') - Radio TransMundial, Sao Paulo-SP. Frequencies: 5965 // 9530 // 11705 kHz. Wed 1345, Thu 0030, Sat 1345 and Sat 2345 (*). Mail address: Caixa Postal 18300, 04699-970 Sao Paulo-SP, Brazil. E-mail addresses:  'Amigos do Radio': amigosdoradio@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx / Radio TransMundial: transmun@xxxxxxxxxxxxx / DX Clube Paulista: dxcp@xxxxxxxxxxxxx . Reception reports accepted. V. by QSL-card.
Produced by Rudolf W. Grimm (RTM/DXCP) and Carlos Felipe da Silva (DXCP).
(*) Sat 2345 also through TWR Bonaire, 800 kHz.
"ENCONTRO DX" ('DX-Meeting') - Radio Aparecida, Aparecida-SP. Frequencies: 820 // 5035 // 6135 // 9630 // 11855 kHz. Sat 2200. Mail address: Av. Getulio Vargas 185, 12570-000 Aparecida-SP. Reception reports accepted. V. by QSL-card.
Produced by Cassiano A. Macedo (DXCP).
Thanks in advance, and best regards,
Rudolf Grimm
Sao Bernardo/Brazil

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