[HCDX]: Honduran radio/Chorti Indians
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[HCDX]: Honduran radio/Chorti Indians

HONDURAS/GUATEMALA: The cultural news section of the
English language web newspaper "Honduras This Week On-Line"
at http://www.marrder.com/htw/cultural.htm
has two interesting articles. At the top of the page is a
general look at radio & TV in Honduras. Towards the middle 
is one on the Chorti Indians of Honduras. These, of course,
are the target of Guatemalan SW station Radio Chortis. Most
Chorti live in Guatemala, but a few thousand live on the
Honduran side of the border. This page will stay up until
sometime in mid-December when the December issue goes up.
At that point the URL will change, but the article should
still  be there under previous issues from the main menu at

http://www.marrder.com/htw/ (Don Moore) 

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