[HCDX]: Re: What conceivable value harmonics?
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[HCDX]: Re: What conceivable value harmonics?


I believe I made this point a couple of sesquidecades ago, but to

DXing harmonics is a cut above DXing mere fundamentals because
harmonics are usually:

1) unintentional
2) very low power
3) on frequencies lacking broadcast stations, allowing
  propagation study
4) transitory
5) sometimes denied in the face of facts
6) stations that could not be heard otherwise
7) requiring superior equipment or DXing techniques

What more could you ask for in a DX catch? It's rather like rare
stamps and coins -- far more valuable if there is an error in

This is not to say I encourage TRANSMITTING of harmonics. Stations
should do everything possible to suppress them. But when they do
not, or propagation is so intense that a watt or fraction thereof
will get out, they are there for the DXing.


From: W5USM@xxxxxxx
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Subject: Fwd: [HCDX]: Who has a harmonic verified?
Date: Tue, 23 Nov 1999 13:01:07 EST

Hi Glenn...

Certainly I respect your work and opinion, but I do not understand any
conceivable value of promoting technical flawed broadcasting that produces harmonics nor their DXing value.

What am I missing after 50 years of dial twiddling?

73 and have a great T-Day!

bill smith (near Dallas)

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