[HCDX]: Country List Debate
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[HCDX]: Country List Debate

Thanks for both public and private messages concerning the EDXC Country
List and the lists in general. For those who are with in the edxc list but
not in the hard-core-dx -list I'll just briefly say that a discussion on
country lists and their availability has popped up, and quite a few people
have requested to have the lists publicly available in the net.

Concerning the EDXC List I'll try to check a few details, and I hope to be
back with this later this week.

Referring to what Ralph Brandi wrote about the NASWA list, I'll just like
to comment that the EDXC List (and I guess most or maybe all European
lists) uses the principle of dividing to old and new countries. This does
give benefit to older collectors, but also keeps on real life. While
Ralph is proud of the NASWA way of doing this, I would myself find it very
strange to start the hobby now and to be able to pick up
not-anymore-existing countries like East Germany. 

Another problem I find with the NASWA list is that it is only for
shortwave. The EDXC List lists all countries and DX-countries in the world
not depending on their current or earlier activity, and it is thus useful
also for medium wave or FM Dxers etc. And it is not necessary to update
the list when new "radio activity" is noted in some country. We just have
to follow with the political changes (which of course are very problematic
in some cases).

The EDXC List bases on the work done by the landlist committee of the
Finnish DX Association (founded in 1964) and the current EDXC Landlist
Comittee chairman Olle Alm. 

best 73's

Risto Vahakainu
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