[HCDX]: Re: Ondas del Rio Mayo (incl. R. Cora)
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[HCDX]: Re: Ondas del Rio Mayo (incl. R. Cora)

>What happened to the Peruvian station Ondas del Rio Mayo, that used to be
>6797.x kHz. Haven't been able to hear them recently, while some other
>Peruvians in the 6 mHz. and can easily be heard.
>Have they gone, or did they move to another frequency?
>73',    Mark Veldhuis.

It reminds me what I wanted to ask many times but what I always forgot:
what happened to RADIO CORA (Peru, 4914.4 kHz)? I do not hear this station
already for several months but I have not read yet (or have I overlooked
it?) anything about the reason of its disappearance from our fellow LA
experts who live closer to the scene than we here in Europe.
Thanks for your possible info.


Karel Honzik
the Czech Republic

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