RE: [HCDX]: Re: Ondas del Rio Mayo (incl. R. Cora)
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RE: [HCDX]: Re: Ondas del Rio Mayo (incl. R. Cora)

Hi Karel:

Radio Cora del Peru I note a silence on short wave frequency since the last
three months, apparently is out of this frequency.

Radio Paucartambo 6520.4 KHz also note a silence of the frequency in the
last two months.

Radio Ondas del Rio Mayo 6797.7 is active and other's in 43 metres band.

Nicolas Eramo
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> >What happened to the Peruvian station Ondas del Rio Mayo, that used to be
> on
> >6797.x kHz. Haven't been able to hear them recently, while some other
> >Peruvians in the 6 mHz. and can easily be heard.
> >Have they gone, or did they move to another frequency?
> >73',    Mark Veldhuis.
> It reminds me what I wanted to ask many times but what I always forgot:
> what happened to RADIO CORA (Peru, 4914.4 kHz)? I do not hear this station
> already for several months but I have not read yet (or have I overlooked
> it?) anything about the reason of its disappearance from our fellow LA
> experts who live closer to the scene than we here in Europe.
> Thanks for your possible info.
> Karel Honzik
> the Czech Republic
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