Re: [HCDX]: Winter DXing in a car
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Re: [HCDX]: Winter DXing in a car

Dear Karel,

At truckstops in the USA there are for sale electric blankets that run off of 
the 12v cigarette lighter and small ceramic heaters that work off of the 
cigarette lighter as well. Perhaps similar devices are for sale in your 
country. Of the course the challenge is to not run down the battery, but I 
would think if one starts the engine periodically to recharge the battery it 
would be fine. 

I listen to a FRG-100 while mobile every day, but of course I am limited on 
the antenna choices. Parking with the engine shut off in a quiet location and 
perhaps stringing out some wire, would I'm sure be very effective. I know 
that Mark Connelly has had some excellent results doing that and I am always 
impressed by his success.

Good luck and if I can be of any assistance in regard to the above please 
don't hesitate to drop me an email.

73 and Good Hunting,

Bill, KD5XN
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