Re: [HCDX]: Winter DXing in a car
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Re: [HCDX]: Winter DXing in a car

Hi Karel,

I know two systems for heating a car. One is the luxury version - a system
which is running with fuel, heating both the water of the engine and the
inside of the car. It may be operated with a timer, so your car is warm
already when you get in.

Another system is used in caravans and mobile homes - a catalyt system
running with gas. There is no open fire and it will switch off
automatically when there is not enough oxygen any more... but from own
experience I know it produces a lot of humidity. You'll need some towels to
keep your windows dry.


>My experience is: when the engine is running, the electric noise makes DXing
>impossible (at least in my car) and when the engine is off, soon it becomes
>cold inside. I know there exists a special portable heating equipment
>designed for cars. Does anybody use it and can describe it? I only know that
>such a stuff is a bit dangerous as it consumes oxygen inside the car. But
>for short time periods (1 or 2 hours) it maybe could be OK.
>Does anybody know more? Thanks.
>Karel Honzik
>the Czech Republic in central Europe where another winter is just starting

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