[HCDX]: 1999 Newfoundland DXpedition Report on the Web
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[HCDX]: 1999 Newfoundland DXpedition Report on the Web

The (almost) final 1999 Newfoundland DXpedition report is
available at " http://members.xoom.com/MarkWA1ION/nfdxpage.htm ".
Click on the link that says "Final Report in HTML Format (subject
to updates)".  Jean Burnell says that he has a few more tapes
to review, but the major part of the report is now available.


Mark Connelly - Billerica, MA, USA
e-mail: WA1ION@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
homepage: http://members.aol.com/MarkWA1ION/weblink.htm
RF circuit page: http://www.qsl.net/wa1ion/index.html
Newfoundland DXpedition page: http://members.xoom.com/MarkWA1ION/nfdxpage.htm
Cape Cod bandscan page: http://members.xoom.com/MarkWA1ION/capecod.htm

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