[HCDX]: 12140 monitoring, and a request.
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[HCDX]: 12140 monitoring, and a request.

12140 here in the 0630 to 0715 UTC area continues to show no signs of any
voice traffic, for those that were wondering if the Fiji broadcasts were
still around.

I am involved with IARU Monitoring and there have been a few reports of
non amateur broadcasts in the 20 meter band.  I and others have been
hearing a steady carrier on 14001 for several days now - from here it is
strong when the path to western Europe is open. It is believed to be on 24
hrs a day.

The other report is a VOA transmission, 14215 at 1900 UTC.  
Recently the VOA was heard on 14340,(2 x 7170) and fixed a  harmonic
filter promptly when notified of the problem.  This would appear not to be
a simple harmonic problem, but more info would help us let them know which
of their sites is the likely cause.

I'd be interested in hearing from those that can hear these signals well,
such as those with directional antennas that can give a bearing, or those
hearing it so strong that they must be within local groundwave coverage.

This activity may not be of interest to many of you, so perhaps replies
should come to me directly.  If there is interest, I can summarize for the

Thanks, and 73

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