Re: [HCDX]: Millenium logs
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Re: [HCDX]: Millenium logs

Dear Dx friends.

We had some problems in Brazil  with  power distributions due rain storms.

No problems noted with power distribution concerning Y2K


Carlos Felipe
The best DX Club in Brazil - DX Clube Paulista

Don Moore wrote:

> I just finished some extensive reading of Y2K news on
> Yahoo and didn't see a thing about Brazil. Perhaps
> these stations have timers to automatically turn the
> transmitters off at normal sign-off? Does seem odd,
> though. I didn't do any New Year's listening this year,
> I have done a lot of it, especially to LAm stations, in
> past years. I've heard many stations stay on late and
> don't recall anyone going off in mid-sentence like
> that.
> Don Moore    mooredxer@xxxxxxxxx

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