[HCDX]: Loggings
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[HCDX]: Loggings



4905.05, Radio Anhanguera; Araguaina, Jan. 1, 2156-2202, Popmusic, jingles
with ID, short announcements by male speaker in Portuguese. 24343 (Veldhuis)


9700, China Radio International; Kunming, Jan. 1, 1405-1411, English news
about y2k problems, that didn't occur in China. Experts have warned to stay
allert, especially on Jan. 3rd., when PC's will be fired up after the
holidays. Then other news items, untill ID at 1410. This was followed by a
report on the ceremony on Dec. 31/Jan. 1. 44444 (Veldhuis)


5985.8, Radio Myanmar; Yangon, Jan. 1, 1430, I expected their English
program, but instead heard a man talking in Burmese untill 1437, when I
tuned out. 24433 (Veldhuis)

Best 73',
Mark Veldhuis,
the Netherlands.
AOR AR7030,
20 meter longwire with MLB.
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