[HCDX]: Radio Uganda & Y2K
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[HCDX]: Radio Uganda & Y2K

Seems to be back tonight with good signals on 4976 kHz at 1700 UTC.
Conditions to Africa in General are excellent this evening with:-

3210 Radio Mozambique
3215 SARL South Africa
3240 TWR Swaziland
3255 BBC Meyerton
3320 R. Sonder Grense

all booming in on 90 metres

Graham Powell

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Sent: 02 January 2000 17:00
Subject: [BDXC-UK] Y2K problems at Radio Uganda??

> DX Information from the British DX Club.
> Whilst the transition to Y2K seems to have had very little, if any,
> effect on media around the world, it is possible that one possible
> is Radio Uganda's shortwave service.
> The station has not been heard on its regular early morning and evening
> frequencies (4976 and 5026) or its regular daytime channels (7110 and
> since the start of the year. Meanwhile, it is still being heard inside
> Uganda on mediumwave and FM.
> Given that Radio Uganda's SW transmitters have been very reliable and well
> audible for many years now, this break in service at Y2K does raise the
> possibility of a bug-related problem (the station was being heard OK on SW
> earlier on 31st December).
> Apparently there were some power cuts (not necessarily Y2K-related) in
> Uganda in the early hours of the morning of 1st January, which disrupted
> Radio Uganda as a whole, but the station later came back on the air OK on
> and FM.
> Chris
> Permission is hereby granted to reproduce the above information, provided
> full credit is given to the original contributor AND to the British DX
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