[HCDX]: 5985 Congo 4850 Cameroon logs
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[HCDX]: 5985 Congo 4850 Cameroon logs

CAMEROON  4850 Yaounde 0537 om anncr with English news, mentions of
Cameroon, main points repeated at 0540 and "This news comes to you from
Yaounde". Good signal and good modulation.. noted to 0555a and off with
transmitter problems? (Jan 3 Moman)

CONGO 5985 Radio Congo  2100 faint with tent id, signal improving to good
past 2200, 2229 with good id as Radio Congo, la station nacional du
radiodiffusion ? Brazzaville, also good ids at 2259 just before near
channel QRM clobbered them.  (Jan 3 Moman)

Logs from Don Moman, Lamont Alberta Canada (53.44N  112.49W)
Rcvr used: Collins HF 2050
Antenna: 4-30 mhz rotatable log periodic, beverages

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