[HCDX]: Loggings
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[HCDX]: Loggings



7184.0 and 9558.0, Bangladesh Betar; Dhaka, Jan . 23, 1921-1929, Booming in
on both frequencies. ID given by female right at tune-in, followed by what I
presume was the news. Another ID at 1927. 54544 for 7184 kHz., with only a
little more QRM on 9558. (Veldhuis)


5060.4, Xinjiang PBS; Urumqui, Jan. 24, 1527-1532, Male talk in Mongolian
with short pieces of instrumental music, IDs. Very strong, 44434 (Veldhuis)


5985.8, Radio Myanmar; Yangon, Jan. 24, 1429-1436, IS-like tune, opening
announcement by female in English, with ID as "Good evening, this is Myanmar
Radio, Yangon". Then popsongs with short announcements in between. 24343


6479.6, Radio Altura; Huarmaca (presumed), Jan. 23, 2345-2349, Peruvian
music, male announcer in Spanish. No ID heard. 23332 (Veldhuis)

6535.7, Radio Huancabamba, Jan 23., 2331-2343, Andean songs, male speaker in
Spanish, mention of San Ignacio, ID. Nice signal, 34444 (Veldhuis)

6797.5, Radio Ondas del Rio Mayo; Nueva Cajamarca, Jan 23, 2320-2328, Male
speaker in Spanish, easy LA music. Several IDs were given. 24433 (Veldhuis)


11995, FEBC; Bocaue, Jan. 24, 1337-1348, English talk about folk-dancing in
Mexico, music bridges, ID at 1340, reading listener's letters, popmusic by
the Backstreet Boys. 33433 (Veldhuis)

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