[HCDX]: Loggings from Victoria, BC, Canada.
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[HCDX]: Loggings from Victoria, BC, Canada.

CHINA  5030  Looking for Bhutan, only heard superb reception from this
Chinese station totally dominating the frequency with armchair copy.  6
time pips, and ID as per TBL at 1259:50.  Parallels heard were 4460 (fair),
and 5320 (poor).  (Salmaniw, 15 January).

ALASKA  7365  Is all well at KNLS.  This station always provides perfect
reception here in the Pacific Northwest, but at 1317 heard with a very
feeble signal in English with a religous program.  Sure didn't sound like
100 Kw, even considering propagation.  (Salmaniw, 15 January).

MYANMAR  5985.88  Radio Myanmar heard with good reception, in local
language at 13:42, though was prone to fade-ups and downs.  (Salmaniw, 15

MEXICO  While listening to Myanmar, noticed Radio Mexico International,
XERMX on 5984.97, parallel to 9705.02, in Spanish, both good, with full ID.
 (Salmaniw, 15 January).

ERITREA  presumed 5500 fair to good signal at 1520, with Horn of Africa
music, presumably Voice of Tigray Revolution, with parallel 6315 heard
under a strong ute, but most likely would be rather well heard if not for
the ute.  (Salmaniw, 15 January).

SYRIA  12085.29  I believe that this previously unid station is Damascus.
Heard clearly in Arabic, with talk.  I know they have used this frequency
in the past, so I can't think who else this could be.  Should be easy to
identify by someone in Europe, especially with the consistent off
frequency.  (Salmaniw, 15 January).

UNITED ARAB EMIRATES  13674.96  UAE Radio Dubai, at 1608 with enjoyable
program in English.  Great signal.  Biblical story about Abraham.  English
news at 1630, then weather at 1632:40, followed by "news and weather from
Dubai FM", then jingle for Dubai FM, into pop music, suddenly cut off with
"This is UAE Radio in Dubai.  We have now come to the end of our English
service.  We now return you to our Arabic service."  (Salmaniw, 15 January).

ITALY (tentative)  7120 USB  Possibly Nexus/IRRS tests.  Heard trumpet
fanfare at 0157+, but the talk was too weak to be sure.  When retuned later
at 0257, could definitely hear British accented DJ in English, who at
0259:50 said (I believe), "I, double R, S", then into Italian.  Pretty
weak, but would have been easilly monitored if not for the ham QRM.  All
seemingly in USB.  (Salmaniw, 16 January).

That's all for now folks................Walt

Walter R. Salmaniw, MD             email:  salmaniw@xxxxxxxx
Victoria, British Columbia    DXING FROM CANADA'S WEST COAST, using
CANADA                        premier radio receivers:  Collins HF2050,
(250) 592-1033                Collins R390A,ITT Mackay 3031A, 
                              Racal RA.117, JRC NRD 535D, and 
                              Kenwood R5000.
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