[HCDX]: Loggings from Victoria, BC, Canada.
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[HCDX]: Loggings from Victoria, BC, Canada.

Some fine loggings on the higher frequencies well into the evening these past few days thanks to a solar flux over 200.

ALBANIA 7159.90 English program of Radio Tirana with very good reception at 0134, into Albanian press review at 0137:30. Slowly drifted upto 7159.92. Parallel 6114.96 only fair due to cochannel interference.
Again very good at 0330 with sign-on in English with "This is Radio Tirana" repeated twice, just like in the old days!
(Salmaniw, 4 March).

UNIDENTIFIED 7285 heard with fair reception at 0157 with middle eastern or subcontinental music, then spelling something phonetically in English. Possibly mentions of Pakistan. I also considered Uzbek Radio. Any thoughts? (Salmaniw, 4 March).

ITALY 7120 USB Definitely ID'd this one between 0200 and 0300. Barely threshold at 0200, but ID clearly heard at 0259, in English, with "I double R S" ID, and mentions of 10000 watts. They were cochanneled when another station signed on at 0300. Signal was quite decent, and would be an easy catch if away from hams and other stations. (Salmaniw, 4 March).

USA 9339.89 WBCQ #2 heard with English religious programming in USB plus carrier. Good to very good at 0313. (Salmaniw, 4 March).

RUSSIA 11840 USB Local programming from Radio Sakhalin with lots of mentions of the internet and Sakhalin. Almost a preaching tone! Good reception at 0315. (Salmaniw, 4 March).

FINLAND 11665 Superb reception of Radio Finland at 0320 with Starting Finnish, then into weekly news in classical Latin. Parallel 9655 also
very good. (Salmaniw, 4 March)

RUSSIA 15105 Radio Tatarstan in Tatar with very good signal and ID at 0535. Over 50 stations logged around this time on the 19 meter band! Superb conditions with a high MUF! (Salmaniw 4 March).

CONGO 15244.4 Radio Nationale Congolaise. Very unusual to hear this station during my local late evening! French programming and African music, but not much else able to be made out. 0540. Poor. More correctly a presumed logging.
9610 Presumed Radio Congo with French and African music at 1645. Poor reception. (Salmaniw, 4 March).

UZBEKISTAN (tent) 15165 Uzbek Radio possibly here with middle eastern type music at 0531 with fair reception, suffering from splash via 15170. (Salmaniw, 4 March).

NEW ZEALAND 17674.97 RNZI again off frequency at 0635 with National Radio programming, and time check for "25 to 8". Excellent. At the same time I logged some 28 other stations on the 16 meter band, including lots of Chinese domestic stations. (Salmaniw, 4 March).

SLOVAKIA 11990 Radio Slovakia International with English at 0702 to Australia/New Zealand over a Russian speaking station with good reception. Parallel 15460 is heard under Voice of Russia World service in English. (Salmaniw, 4 March).

ISRAEL 15785.09 Galei Zahal at 1658 in AM mode, with Israeli music, then news at top of the hour. fair to good signal. (Salmaniw, 4 March)

IRAN 13745 At 2128f, easy listening music, no IS, into "This is the Voice of the Islamic Republic of Iran", by male announcer, then into national anthem, followed by frequencies to Australia and south-east Asia. fair to good, with parallel 11740 poor. (Salmaniw, 4 March).

SYRIA 12085.3 Presumed Damascus with Arabic pop music, and talk. Quite good reception. USB appeared suppressed. Technical problems, as the transmitter would cut out every 30 seconds or so. 1555.
(Salmaniw, 5 March).

PAKISTAN 11570.13 Radio Pakistan with ID and English news at 1600. Good reception. Interesting, among all of my fancy antennae, my lowly 30 foot random wire performed best! (Salmaniw, 5 March).

GABON 12015 Radio France International in English to Africa at 1604 at good level, parallel 11995 poor. Direct from France (but without the satellite delay) all excellent: 17850, 15210, 11615. (Salmaniw, 5 March).

KOREA (North) 6520 Radio Pyongyang in English at 1617 best on this undistorted frequency. 9975, and 9600 both distorted with usual loud hum. (Salmaniw, 5 March).

That'll do it for now, folks. Good DXing everyone!


Walter R. Salmaniw, MD             email:  salmaniw@xxxxxxxx
Victoria, British Columbia    DXING FROM CANADA'S WEST COAST, using
CANADA                        premier radio receivers:

Rockwell/Collins HF-2050
(250) 592-1033 Collins R390A,ITT Mackay 3031A,
Racal RA.117, JRC NRD 535D, and
Kenwood R5000.
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