[HCDX]: Loggings
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[HCDX]: Loggings

Brazil, 8634, PPR(Time Signal), Feb 11 0950-1005, time pips with no voice or cw id. Fair. Not a SWBC(no voice message),but interesting.

Hong Kong(Kowloon), 13020.5, Tentative VPS60(Time Signal), Feb 9 1010-1016, time pips, pause of approxiametly 6 seconds, then cw id, cw id heard does not match listed call sign(VPS60). Anyone else hearing/heard this? Fair. No //'s heard.

Phillipines, 15190, Radyo Pilipinas, Feb 9 *1730-1810>, om with id "This Is Radyo Pilipinas", gave frequencies 15190 and 11815, then into Filipino. Good.

Spain, 6840, EBC(Time Signal) San Fernando, Feb 5 1322-past 1442 recheck, time pips and cw id/message in slow morse at 14, 29, 44 and 59 minutes past the hour. Fair. // 12008 not heard. Not a SWBC.

Thailand, 13695, Radio Thailand HSK9, Feb 7 0030-0100, om with ID "This Is HSK9 Radio Thailand Broadcasting From Bangkok...", " Thai Culture" program, World News, Thailand Weather. This to " USA East Coast". Good. Distored audio. Best in USB.
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