[HCDX]: Loggings from Victoria, BC, Canada
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[HCDX]: Loggings from Victoria, BC, Canada

>Date: Tue, 25 Jan 2000 22:31:23 -0800
>To: Victoria DX group
>From: "Walter  (Volodya) Salmaniw, MD" <salmaniw@xxxxxxxx>
>Subject: Loggings from Victoria, BC, Canada
>Cc: Hauser, BCDX, DXW
>CAMEROON  4850.0 National Radio of Cameroon heard with fair, then good
reception with English news at 0533 until 0539.  Signal peaked at about
0555.  French heard at 0601, but carrier suddenly off by 0601:40.  A very
good night for Africans!  (Salmaniw, 21 January).
>TOGO  5047.0  RTV Togolaise in French at 0603.  Not quite as strong as
Cameroon, but still a decent signal.  (Salmaniw, 21 January).
>GHANA  4915.0  Ghana heard in English with news at 0608, with some deep
fades. Parallel 3366 virtually as strong, but much less noise.  Good
reception.  African sports news at 0623 regarding the African Cup of
Nations tournament.  Main points of news at 0624, followed by winning
lottery numbers for the Sunlight lottery. ID after some dead air as "This
is the Ghana Broadcasting Corporation from Accra", at 0627.  3366 was no
longer in parallel when rechecked at 0627.  (Salmaniw, 21 January).
>POLAND  Radio Racja  0635.  Weak audio, telephone like feed in Slavic
language, not sounding like Polish, as has been reported before.  I suspect
this is Belorussian, or Russian, but too weak to be sure.  Warbly buzz
heard.  Is this being jammed?  "Biloruska" heard at 0638:30.  Poor to
occasionally fair reception.(Salmaniw, 21 January).
>ROMANIA  11940 Radio Romania International. Unusually strong signals in
Romanian at 0002, while checking for Cambodia.  ID at 003:20.  Best I've
heard them in ages, if not ever.  Very good.  (Salmaniw, 23 January).
>IRAN  9022.11  Voice of Islamic Republic of Iran, in English.  At 0036,
said:  "Thanks for tuning us.  Now the headlines".  Good reception.
Usually this frequency is very weak, or just a het.  Parallels 6065 poor,
6135.10 poor.  (Salmaniw, 23 January).
>USA  WINB off frequency on 11949.88 at 0153 with English religious
programming.  Good reception (Salmaniw, 23 January).
>UNIDENTIFIED  7354.35  Heard all evening from tune-in 0208 for several
hours.  Always very weak, often barely more than a het, but consistently on
this off frequency.  I was looking for WRNO.  Any ideas?  (Salmaniw, 23
>CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC (not!)  5900  Tantalizing signal at 0340 tune-in.
 Music sounded African initially, and I was sure I had Radio Minurca.  Talk
seemed to be in French.  Very weak.  Mission Impossible theme music at
0354:30, but as I listened more, it began to sound like a DX program...It
was!  This was Bulgaria's Russian service, with a DX program.  References
to WWCR and WBCQ.  Into IS at 0359, and Radio Bulgaria ID at the top of the
hour in unknown language.  Drats!               (Salmaniw, 23 January).
>CONGO  RTV Congolaise.  5984.99  French talk with frequent mentions of
Congo at 0448.  Fair to good, but wiped out by WYFR with open carrier at
about 0450.  Interval signal at 0455.
>(Salmaniw, 23 January).
>VATICAN CITY  11740  Vatican Radio Interval signal.  Good to very good
until 0709, then dead air until 0713:30.  Church bells until 0730, and
usual Ladeteur Jesus Christus, into Ukrainian mass.  (Salmaniw, 23 January).
>Great night for Africans, as you can see!
>Good DX to everone........................Walt.
Walter R. Salmaniw, MD             email:  salmaniw@xxxxxxxx
Victoria, British Columbia    
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