[HCDX]: Loggings from Victoria, BC, Canada
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[HCDX]: Loggings from Victoria, BC, Canada

PIRATE 14.565 LSB South Americian Pirate, Em Z del Dragon heard with usual fair signal at 0103 with spaghetti western interval signal, and multilingual ID's including English, and otherwise nonstop music. Never improves much beyond fair strength. (Salmaniw, 22 April).

NOISE!!! 13390 to 13495, and 13500 to 13605. A very unwelcome pulser with a frequency of 124 beats a minute completely covers this large part of the band. Heard for hours on end. First noted at 1520. Exactly the same that used to be around 12100, but no longer there. Anyone have any ideas re this most unwelcome intruder? (Salmaniw, 21 April).

UKRAINE 13590 1000 kW is back! I hear Radio Ukraine International nightly with a great signal in Ukrainian, and an hour of English from 0300 to 0400. They did not use this frequency for the English hour between 0000 and 0100, instead continuing in Ukrainian, without the usual interval signal and ID. Lviv is listed here until 0400. After this, Kharkiv is listed with 100 kW. RUI is audible here at 0620 with a very weak signal in Ukrainian, which would support the lower power and site listed. Good news for the English hour at 0300, since 9640 is only barely audible here in English between 0000 and 0100.
(Salmaniw, 16 April).

CANADA 6130 USB CHNX is again audible here during our local late evenings. First time since last fall that I've monitored them with a local ID at 0555, mentioning that reception reports were welcome, etc. Never more than a poor signal. (Salmaniw, 15 April).


I've heard an e-mail address announced for Radio Ukraine International, and haven't seen anyone else post it. I believe it is:

VSRU@xxxxxxxxxxx (Salmaniw, 15 April).

Good listening to you all!

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