[HCDX]: Lietuvos Radijas 2 on 612kHz and on MW in general
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[HCDX]: Lietuvos Radijas 2 on 612kHz and on MW in general

Hello Herman,

At 14:21 00.02.27 +0100, you wrote:
>Siarhiej Shupa from Radio Baltic Waves tells me that Lietuvas Radiojas
>channel 2 on 612 kHz from Klaipeda stopped transmitting early this year.
>Can you confirm that? - It would be logical as I assume that they would
>otherwise interfere RBW and vice versa.

Short answer:  Yes, they did...
Longer: ...but have resumed. The matter is that on January 15, 
Lithuanian Radio (Lietuvos Radijas - please check your spelling!) 
stopped broadcasting its 2nd and 3rd programs both on FM and AM. 
That meant also closure of 612 kHz in Klaipeda. However, on 
February 11 all the broadcasts were restored, thus 612 kHz as well.

Baltijos Bangu Radijas was talking to Lietuvos Radijas about possible 
interference on this frequency. The interference can occur Tuesdays and
Thursdays 1800-1830 local (East European) time i.e. 1600-1630 UTC.
This does not necessary mean that the interference WILL occur, because 
sometimes Lietuvos Radijas closes the frequency before 1630 UTC.
Lietuvos Radijas said they were considering change of the frequency
in Klaipeda from 612 kHz to 1107 kHz as they did in Vilnius on January 1.

Some background info. For many years, 2nd Home Service program 
of Lietuvos Radijas was broadcast in the same versions both on MW 
and FM. However, a couple (or so) years ago Lithuanian Radio 
decided not to bother FM outlets with rebroadcasts of plenary 
sessions of the Lithuanian parliament (Seimas), and started two 
versions of the 2nd program: normal version on FM, and another 
version (with some of the programming replaced by plenary sessions) 
on MW. Later, while facing financial difficulties, Lietuvos Radijas 
wanted to discontinue transmissions on MW, but Seimas wanted its 
sessions to be continued to broadcast, an allocated extra money for 
this. Thus, all the programming but the Seimas sessions was dropped 
from MW (well, a Sunday mass from Vilnius Cathedral was also left).

As the plenary sessions of Seimas are held every Tuesday and 
Thursday at 1000 local time (0800 UTC), broadcasts on MW begin 
at the same time on these days, and last as long as the session lasts, 
but not longer than 1830 LT (1630 UTC). When a session ends before 
1630 UTC, transmission also ends earlier. Therefore, transmissions 
not always last until 1630 UTC.

By the way, although MW transmissions are de facto a separate 
service, they are still called "2nd program".

73 de

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