[HCDX]: KCCS Special operation
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[HCDX]: KCCS Special operation

In a letter received today from Salem station KCCS I found some interesting
notes regarding their transmission, could anyone in West coast area comment
on their sky wave signal today compared to previous years:

AM 1220, KCCS is operating under Special Temporary Authority from the FCC
to use a temporary antenna, because we no longer have a broadcast "tower".
Around August first we put a three inch copper strap up the side of a 75
foot tree on our studio property. We then "Top Loaded" it using steel
cables stretching from the 74 foot level to other trees in the area. This
is providing a decent local signal but probably doesn't allow for a good
departure angle so "skip" reception would be affected. also, while we are
1000 watts in the daytime, we lower power to 171 watts at night.
We are going to build a "Valcom" 74 foot fiberglass whip antenna for
permanent use. This will be a lot more efficient that our tree, but still
may prevent people in your part of the world from ever receiving us again.

Per-Ole Stenman, Jakobstad, Finland

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