[HCDX]: Logs from Sydney, Australia
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[HCDX]: Logs from Sydney, Australia

INDONESIA 3905 RRI Banda Aceh. Running late this morning, still heard
with IN folk songs and RRI ID at 2015 March 4. Not usually noted still
on that this time of the morning (Richard Jary)

PERU 5299.9 R. Superior. Heard this new Peruvian at reasonable level
last night but with a fair amount of static. Noted 0945 March 4 - has
anyone got any idea of an address for this yet? (Richard Jary)

USA 5085 WGTG. Noted in AM mode //6890 USB. Program had ads and phone in
0732 March 4. This has normally signed off before it has a chance to
fade in here (Richard Jary)

Equipment: AOR AR7030 with T2FD folded dipole

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