[HCDX]: MW Loggings - 3/5/00
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[HCDX]: MW Loggings - 3/5/00

Bill Harms
3 foot high air core loop
150 foot longwire.
Elkridge, Maryland.

630 CFCO ON, Chatham. 1/30 0100 ID, ?CFCO Precision Weather.? The 
forecast was clear and cool. Good through WMAL. (WJH-MD)

920 CJCH NS, Halifax. 1/29 1903 News and Sports and local ad. Good 
over QRM. (WJH-MD)

920 WKVA PA, Lewistown. 1/29 2000 ID and CNN News. Over all. One of 
my closer unheards. (WJH-MD)

920 WWIT NC, Canton. 2/12 1720.  ID as ?Rock and Roll rolls on WWIT? 
into a song.  Good over all.  (WJH-MD)

960 WAAK NC, Dallas. 1/29 0816 Spot for a ?Blue Grass Revival? and 
ID.  Fair to good with strong interference.  (WJH-MD)

980 WONE OH, Dayton. 2/3 1657-1707 Finally a new station on his 
channel.  Over a nulled WTEM and an UI talk station. Song - ?Young 
Love.? ID by Female as ?You are listening... best of the original 
hits on AM 9-80 WONE Dayton Springfield and AM 13-40 (WIZE) 
Springfield into ABC Network News. (WJH-MD)

1000 CKBW NS, Bridgewater. 2/6 1830-1839. Numerous IDs such as 
?Serving Three Counties with one great radio station. Hometown CKBW? 
and ?93.1 FM, 94.5 FM, 1000 AM.  This is the South Shore?s Super 
Station CKBW? and, weather and local ads. Oldies.  Good over all. 

1070 WSCP NY, Sandy Creek.  2/6 2021:30-2026. A couple of local ads 
and C & W song ?The Way I Feel About You.? It looks like another 
daytimer ?extending? their broadcast hours, nyuck nyuck!  (WJH-MD)

1110 WJML MI, Petoskey. 2/5 1636. ID ?JML into song ?Green River? by 
CCR. This was followed by ID as This is the station that brought back 
... Oldies ... Northern Michigan ...WJML.? Into song ?Downtown? by 
Petula Clark. (WJH-MD)

1130 KWKH LA, Shreveport. 2/10. 1822. Not needed, but a welcome 
infrequent visitor here with ID by man into local ad.  Good over 

1160 WBOB KY, Florence. 2/6 0839:30-8:42. Ad for local machinery 
dealer and Noxema.  ID as ?Get inside the game with 11-60 Bob the 
Sports Leader? Surprisingly strong! (WJH-MD)

1160 WMVI NY, Mechanicsville. 2/6 1742:30 Start of sign off.  Popped 
in with ID by as ?welcome to WMVI.? (WJH-MD)

1360 WPTT PA McKeesport.  2/13 1752 Local ad, ID, and Mike Gallagher 
Talk Show.  Good under semi-nulled WWLG.  (WJH-MD)

1370 WKMC PA, Roaring Spring.  Listened to the channel from 0830 to 
1637:30 2/13 for an ID from this station (YES, I listened for the ID 
for over eight hours!  Am I crazy or dedicated?)  I heard a weak 
station with standards but it was never strong enough for a clear ID. 
 Finally I heard a singing ID at 1631:30 this was follwed by songs by 
Patty Page, Johnny Mathis, and Roberta Flack.  (WJH-MD)

1370 WLTC NC, Gastonia.  2/15 2125 Female announcer talked about 
?happenings? in local churches.  Ood over all.  (WJH-MD)

1380 WGUS SC, North Augusta 2/1 2059:45-2100. ID into CNN News. Fair 
but atop the mess.  Heard frequently since.  Almost a pest!  (WJH-MD)

1390 WKLP WV, Keyser. 2/15 0649.  ID by Male announcer as ?This is 
WKLP, Keyser 13-90 AM? into weather forecast.  Good over all. (WJH-

1410 WLVV AL, Mobile.  Local ads, music, Gulf Coast Weather, and ID.  
Good through KQV.  (WJH-MD)

1450 WILM DE, Wilmington. 1/30 1:28:30-1:50:00. Clear Morse code IDs 
and not much else through a strong WOL. (WJH-MD) 

1460 WIFI NJ, Florence. 2/1 0659:45 Legal ID by Female announcer ?14-
60 WIFI (Florence)? and nothing else with lots of QRM. (WJH-MD)

1510 WLGN OH, Logan. 1/31 1720. Popped in and out with an ID by a man 
as ?WLGN.? (WJH-MD)

1540 WADM IN, Decatur 1/31 1806. Heard ID as ?15-40 WADM? by male 
announcer and nothing else. (WJH-MD)
Bill Harms
Elkridge, Maryland, USA
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