Re: [HCDX]: Kenya2000
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Re: [HCDX]: Kenya2000

At 11:25 5.3.2000 +0100, Erich Bergmann wrote:

>There are many interesting logs in your list of stations heard in Kenya,
>but I'm missing the station R. Free Africa from Tanzania on 1377 kHz, which
>was also heard last year here in Europe (I heard it with VOA ID on December
>3, 1999). Is this station no more on the air, or did  the strong signal
>from Kenya on 1386 kHz made impossible to hear anything on 1377?

The station is on the air alrgiht... Heard whole January-February with good
signal strength here in Finland. Recently has been suffering from severe
QRM caused by Radio France on 1377. Just a couple of days ago RFA QSLed to
me via e-mail.

73s de IS

Ilkka Suni, Joutseno, Finland

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