[HCDX]: weekend DX
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[HCDX]: weekend DX

Reporter: Mark Connelly, WA1ION
Receiver: Drake R8A
Antenna system: cardioid array of Active Whip
and Broadband Loop on car roof; Superphaser-1
Phasing Unit
Logs from Cape Cod in parallel with the BADX
Rockport outing:

I did a quick listening session from the town
landing site near the Route 28 / Tar Kiln Road
intersection in South Orleans, MA.  I listened
from 2245 UTC on 4 MAR through 0030 UTC on 5 MAR.
Trans-Atlantics were better at the beginning of
the session, Latin Americans towards the end.
At no time could I say that it was auroral,
except perhaps on the bottom of the dial in
a few brief spurts.

Logs in summary follow.  A more thorough report
will be issued later.

4 MAR 2000 / 2245-2359: Algeria-891, UK-909,
Algeria-981, Spain-1044, Spain-1575, Spain-1584
(Ceuta het not noted), UK-1089, Spain-1134,
UK-1215, Saudi Arabia-1521, Belgium(t)-1512,
France-1467 loud, Guinea-1385.91, St.Pierre-1375,
Spain-1359, Libya-1251, Spain-1224, France(t)-1206,
Morocco-1044, Canaries-Spain-1179 huge !,
Spain-1071, UK-1053, Portugal-1035, Canaries-1008,
Spain-954, Spain-855 local-like, Italy-846,
Puerto Rico-870, Cuba-840, Canaries-Spain-837
(Azores-836 het behind), Spain-801, Spain-792,
Switzerland-765 loud, Guyana(t)-760 in jumble
w/Brazil/Colombia, Cuba-759.77 bad het, Germany-756,

5 MAR 2000 / 0000-0130: Anguilla-690 blasting
over Brazil/Colombia/Venezuela (no Montreal),
Spain-684, Cuba-660 crushing WFAN !, Morocco-612,
St. Kitts-555, Spain-774, Venezuela(R. Coro)-780
mix CFDR, Neth. Antilles-800 good (now 100 kW
instead of 500 kW ?), St. Kitts-830, Spain-1602

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