[HCDX]: DX Listening Digest 00-36 March 6
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[HCDX]: DX Listening Digest 00-36 March 6

	DX LISTENING DIGEST 00-36, March 6, 2000
		edited by Glenn Hauser

{Items from DXLD may be reproduced and re-reproduced only providing 
full credit be maintained at all stage. DXLD may not be reposted in 
its entirety without prior permission}

CONTINENT OF MEDIA 00-02 is now available at http://www.DXing.com and 
may be at RFPI in time to start Tuesday March 7 at 2000.

WORLD OF RADIO on WWCR: Altho WOR did not appear March 4, Sat at 1230 
on 15685, we are still supposed to be scheduled there. UT Mon March 6 
0130 and 0600 WWCR played WOR 1025 by mistake instead of 1026.

[This report is intact and alphabetized separately from the rest of 
DXLD 00-36 which follows it:]

week. Here is some shortwave news from that part of the world:

Bunia is broadcasting on both 3390 and 5066.3 simultaneously.
Bukavu was heard on 6713.
Kinshasa was heard on 15244.4

VOBME was heard on 7100 (Tigrigna, etc) and 7175 (Arabic, etc).

Radio Ethiopia external service sometimes switches its 7165 
transmitter to 7175 in order to jam Eritrea.
Radio Ethiopia domestic service was heard on the listed 5990, 7110 
and 9704.2 (though not on all frequencies at the same time).
Voice of Peace continues to broadcast at 1100-1200 on 9560 and 
11801.9. However, the 1900 broadcast is no longer heard.

KBC has cut right back on its shortwave usage. The Swahili (National) 
and English (General) services are no longer relayed on shortwave. 
The only shortwave activity is on 4915 (relay of the Central Service) 
and 4935 (relay of the Eastern Service). Some Swahili may be heard on 
both these services as they relay some National Service bulletins. 
Note that 4935 is silent on Saturdays and Sundays as the Eastern 
Service is Monday-Friday only. However, the Central Service is now 
Monday-Saturday rather than Monday-Friday.

As reported elsewhere, Radio Madagascar on 5009.5 is currently on an
extended schedule.

MBC was heard on 3380 and 5993.3 simultaneously.

Radio Rwanda on 6055 was heard earlier than the listed 0400 s/on.

This country has changed time zones, moving clocks forward so that 
local time is now GMT+3. This means that all broadcasts from Omdurman 
are now heard one hour earlier, according to GMT, than before. This 
accounts for the change in Radio Omdurman¹s English service (now 
1700-1800) noted by DXers earlier this year.
As it happens, Omdurman¹s sole shortwave transmitter appears to be 
off the air at present, and nothing was heard on 7200.
Opposition station Voice of Sudan (from Eritrea) was heard on 8000, 
9000 and 9517.2.

Any listing of Somali stations is likely to go out of date pretty 
quickly, but here is the current position:

6823 - Radio Mogadishu, Voice of Somali Pacification (pro-Uthman Ali 
6900 - Radio Kismaayo (new station; broadcasts at 1600-1730)
7012 - Radio Gaalkackyo at 1600-1700
7214 - Radio Banaadir at 1600-1900 (a slight change from 7213)
7530 - Radio Hargeysa at 1500-1800

Radio Tanzania is no longer broadcasting in English on shortwave. The
English service is now only on at 0200-0400 on 1035 kHz and 94.6 FM 
in Dar es Salaam. I was told that it now calls itself RTD-PRT (Radio 
Tanzania, Dar es Salaam - Powerful, Realistic, Trustworthy).
The Swahili service is on 5050 kHz throughout the day, and also on 
7280 kHz at certain times (exact times not confirmed).

Zanzibar is on 11734.1, but not for all of the day. The use of 6015 
seems to have ceased.

ZBC Radio 4 was heard in the evening on both 5975 and 6045.

(Chris Greenway, March 5, DX LISTENING DIGEST)


** AFGHANISTAN. Here's a translation of the Russian news report about 
the Voice of Sharia'a broadcasts in Russian. Afghan Radio used to 
have Russian Service before Taliban came to power. 

The Talibs start propaganda broadcasts in Russian. The Afghan 
movement Taliban, officially not recognized by any state in the 
world, is preparing for information war with Russia. According to the 
sources in Dushanbe [the capital of Tajikistan], the Talibs have 
entrusted their radio station "Sadoj Shariat" ("The Voice of Sharia") 
with a task of conducting a series of propaganda actions aimed at 
discrediting the policy of the Russian leadership in Asia and 
Caucasus. The first Russian broadcast [of "The Voice of Sharia"] will 
go on the air on March 7th. Afterwards, the programs will be aired 
daily on medium and short waves, in the 41-meter band. This Afghan 
radio station is considered to be one of the most powerful in the 
region. Currently, it broadcasts in English, Uzbek, Turkmen, Urdu, 
Pushtu, and Dari. (The report of the Russian agency 
"RosBiznesKonsalting" from March 6, 2000 via Sergei Sosedkin, DX 

Announced it would be a 15-minute broadcast, on 1107 and [nominal]
7200 kHz, no time given (BBC Monitoring, via DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** ALBANIA. 7159.90, English program of Radio Tirana with very good 
reception 4 March at 0134, into Albanian press review at 0137:30. 
Slowly drifted up to 7159.92. Parallel 6114.96 only fair due to co-
channel interference. Again very good at 0330 with sign-on in English 
with "This is Radio Tirana" repeated twice, just like in the old 
days! (Volodya Salmaniw, Victoria BC, DX LISTENING DIGEST)
** BELGIUM. RVI A-00 schedule in English from March 26:
0400 NAm 15565-Bonaire
0700 Eu 5985 non-dir
1130 Eu 9925, As/Au 9865-Petropavlovsk-Kamchatskiy [may be new site 
     for their English, but previously used in other language -gh]
1730 Eu 5910 non-dir; E/SEEu 9925 13710; E/CAf 17735 [or 17745?]; ME 
1930 Eu 5960-Juelich non-dir
2230 NAm 15565-Bonaire

The 0700 thru 1930 broadcasts are also on 1512 MW.
The 0400 programming is a repeat of the previous day. New program day 
starts at 1130, so the 0700 is also a repeat of previous day, except 
for news, and except on Sat and Sun when 0700 is the first broadcast 
(Frans Vossen, RVI Radio World March 5 via gh, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** BOLIVIA. For the past few days I have been hearing a station on 
3190 around 0900 UT, in Quechua and playing Andean music; reception 
not very good and difficult to ID. But thanks to the valuable 
collaboration of Rogildo Aragao in Cochabamba, the station is La Voz 
del Campesino, Sipe Sipe, depto de Cochabamba, a station not listed 
in Passport 2000 (Samuel Cassio, Brazil, radio-escutas via DX 

** BOLIVIA. Alo Glenn y Dario, With the collaboration of colleague 
Samuel Cassio in Brazil, I have discovered a station which I had 
thought would be a harmonic, since it is near my house and there are 
several harmonics from other MW stations. It is RADIO LA VOZ DEL 
have heard it only in the mornings at 1030, March 3 with "Encuentro 
con la Felicidad", at 1050 nx "Encuentro Nacional". ID by woman: "En 
su cordial sintonía, Radio la Voz del Campesino, Voz y Pensamiento de 
los trabajadores del Agro, en el departamento de Cochabamba, 
Bolivia". I am working on uncovering the location of this station and 
will ry to get more info, such as power (Rogildo Fontenelle Aragao, 
Cochabamba, Bolivia, member of de DX CLUBE DO BRASIL, DX LISTENING 
DIGEST, both translated by gh)  

** CANADA. Contrary to DXLD 00-30, UT Sun March 5 at 0005, Nova 
Scotia Kitchen Party was not heard on RCI, but usual Global Village 
(Joe Buch, swprograms) You originally reported it on UT Monday at 
that time; perhaps the RCI info was confused (gh) Hi Glenn! No... I 
passed along the info which we got in-house at RCI, which was that it 
would be UTC Sundays at 0005, i.e. Saturday evenings in NAm (Bill 
Westenhaver) Just checked the rcinet website and it now shows NSKP on 
UT Mondays instead of Roots and Wings, not on UT Sundays. And on 
March 6 at 0005, NSKP did in fact appear on 9755, 5960 (gh, OK) NSKP 
aired on Monday UTC 0005 replacing Roots and Wings tonight just as it 
did two weeks ago (Joe Buch, DE, swprograms, via DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** CANADA. Hello... Just a quick note that CFRX 6070 in Toronto, 
Ontario is sending a dead carrier again. The main station CRFB 1010 
is transmitting with full audio. I just completed a new antenna 
installation this morning. To test it I tuned to 6070 as I live 80 km 
away from the transmitter and receive the ground wave. So on March 
5th, 2000y from 1500 till after 1730 utc still no audio but full 
signal here. No, I didn't contact the ODXA as I don't have their 
email address. I just checked 6070 and at 2030 utc 03/06/00 and still 
no audio! 73 Glenn and keep up the great work... love the show! (Alex 
Draper - Orillia, Ontario, DX LISTENING DIGEST) How long will it take 
them to notice and fix it this time? (gh, DXLD)

** CONGO. 15244.4, Radio Nationale Congolaise. Very unusual to hear 
this station during my local late evening! French programming and 
African music, but not much else able to be made out at 0540 4 March. 
Poor.  More correctly a presumed logging. Some fine loggings on the 
higher frequencies well into the evening these past few days thanks 
to a solar flux over 200 (Volodya Salmaniw, Victoria BC, DX LISTENING 

** GHANA. GBC is getting new shortwave transmitters, in cooperation 
with the Japanese government. When this is done it will give GBC the 
capacity both to carry Radio 1 and Radio 2 programming, and probably 
to revive the defunct external service. GBC is also looking into 
digital satellite broadcasting (Sector minister John Mahama, in a 
Radio Ghana News review programme, "What Do You Say, Mr Minister?", 
March 4 via BBC Monitoring, excerpted by gh for DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** GREECE [non]. VOG via VOA 17565 and 17705 still has ``It`s All 
Greek To Me,`` ``the only music show that speaks English`` Sundays 
starting at 1906 UT, tho announced as ``every Sunday at 6 o`clock in 
the afternoon``, which would be 1600 UT for the original. Still good 
listenable audio (Glenn Hauser, OK, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** IRELAND. << RTE A-00 registrations
 6200 0000-2400 27NW         DUB   10 000  VOR MCB
 [strange Dublin registration via Voice of Russia authorities !] >>

This 6200 entry has nothing to do with RTE. Instead it refers to 
United Christian Broadcasters (UCB), who used to operate shortwave 
transmitters with a few kilowatts of power in Ireland. They have 
contact to MCCBN in Moscow since they hired airtime on MW 1386 a 
couple of years ago, so MCCBN registered 6200 on behalf of UCB. 
However, as far as I know UCB are currently off shortwave and just 
using MW transmitters in Ireland, of course of modest power like the 
silenced shortwave ones; one frequency is 549, if I remember 
correctly (Kai Ludwig, Germany, DX LISTENING DIGEST) 

** ITALY. 7120 USB, IRRS. Definitely ID'd this one between 0200 and 
0300 4 March [UT Sat]. Barely threshold at 0200, but ID clearly heard 
at 0259, in English, with "I double R S" ID, and mentions of 10000 
watts. They were co-channeled when another station signed on at 0300. 
Signal was quite decent, and would be an easy catch if away from hams 
and other stations (Volodya Salmaniw, Victoria BC, DX LISTENING 

** KOREA NORTH. 11460 kHz. Interval Signal at 2358 UT March 4. This 
was a very weak signal on Pyongyang and could not capture the lang. 
of the broadcast. I do not see this frequency on any lists ?? Perhaps 
a mixing product or a new frequency being used now ?? (Dave Zantow, 

** LIBERIA. The British government has salvaged the independent Star 
Radio temporarily by providing "bridge funding" to enable it continue 
broadcasting for about two months. The radio station's manager, James 
Morlu, disclosed Saturday [4th March] the funding will help the 
restructuring exercise that has been going from 1st-5th March, after 
which it will resume normal broadcast programmes. He said the 
management has decided to reduce staff by 50 per cent, cut down the 
salaries of those retained, as well as trimming other overhead 
spending to keep the station alive. Star Radio formerly employed 
about 90 Liberians. It was established as an NGO radio in 1997 to 
provide independent news and information during elections that year 
to Liberians at home and abroad. He said the funding gap and 
government's recent statement that it will not restore the station's 
short-wave frequency it withdrew 1998 were "unfortunate and negative 
coincidences" that have taken their toll on the institution. 

The station lost its short-wave frequency when government claimed it 
was foreign-run and financed, but allowed it to operate a Frequency 
Modulation (FM) station. At the moment, Star Radio is run by a 100 
per cent Liberian staff with a Liberian board of directors overseeing 
its operation, yet its short-wave frequency is withheld by government 
which is giving one reason or the other for the action. Donor support 
for Star Radio has waned primarily due to the absence of the short-
wave frequency because "the donors want every Liberian, especially 
those in the rural areas, to benefit from the services of Star 
Radio," Morlu said. "We are appealing to government to see reason to 
reconsider the decision to withdraw our short-wave frequency because 
the donors want every Liberian, especially those in the rural areas, 
to benefit from the services of Star Radio," he added. The station 
resumes normal broadcast Monday [6th March], Morlu said. Source: PANA 
news agency web site, Dakar, in English 5 Mar 00 (via BBC Monitoring, 
excerpted by gh for DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** MEXICO? XERTA ????- This one is an "unid" Glenn, no Spanish 
[spoken] here. Last night on 4800.65 kHz at 0600 UT March 6. I was 
hearing a very distorted signal here. ID in SP after every piece of 
music (same type of music that XERTA used to play). It was strong but 
very hard to listen to. Frequency measured as close as I could tell. 
So is it XERTA returning or just hearing Ecuador ?? Have a listen 
maybe tonight...?? I never remember Ecuador sounding like this ?? 
Regards, (David Zantow, Janesville, WI, DX LISTENING DIGEST) XERTA 
was supposedly going to be on 4810 instead of 4800 when it comes back 
(gh, DXLD)

** MONGOLIA. E-Mail Address, Voice of Mongolia, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia 
according to my Mongolian friend Batbayar Demchig MRTV@xxxxxxxxxxx 73 
(Volker Willschrey, Dillingen (Germany), DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** NEW ZEALAND. [This info differs from DXLD 00-31 by 1 to 3 minutes] 
RADIO NEW ZEALAND INTERNATIONAL This schedule will take effect from 
Sunday 19 March when New Zealand Clocks move to Standard time +12 
UTC. 19 March - 07 May 2000

    UTC        kHz
1650-1751     11695  (25m) Mon-fri
1752-0705     17675  (16m) Mon-Fri
1855-0705     17675        Sat-Sun
0706-1205     15115  (19m) Daily
OFF-AIR       1205-1650

Occasional Use for Special Events
              1206-1505     6100
              1506-1650     6145

The RNZI Audio Archive and topical Pacific New Bulletins, and a live 
audio stream available at http://www.rnzi.com (Adrian Sainsbury, 
Frequency Manager, Radio New Zealand International, March 6, DX 

** PAKISTAN. 11570.13, Radio Pakistan with ID and English news at 
1600. Good reception. Interesting, among all of my fancy antennae, my 
lowly 30 foot random wire performed best! (Volodya Salmaniw, Victoria 

** PERU. 5300.0 R. Superior, Bolívar; 4/03 0010-0050 33333 mx ID ``Ya 
son las 7 de la noche con 14 minutos en su Radio Superior..`` mx ID 
``Atención a la hora de Radio Superior``
NOTE: I thought this could be the same as the R. Bolívar that I 
reported on 5460.5 27/01, since they also mentioned the province of 
Bolívar, but this is not the case; I heard both at the same time with 
separate programming (Pedro F. Arrunagegui, Lima, Chasqui DX via DX 

** PERU. 5300.03, Radio Superior, Provincia de Bolivar; Thanks to a 
tip from Dave Valko, I could get it signal in Tokyo. It was first 
observed at 1047-1137 on 04/MAR/2000. Playing huaynos and announced 
advs. ID was given at 1125 as "Son las 6 y 25 minutos, la hora exacta 
en Radio Superior." The station was also heard at 1100-1146 on 
05/MAR/2000 (Takayuki Inoue Nozaki, Relampago DX via DX LISTENING 

** PERU. 5300.1 RADIO SUPERIOR. Bolivar - Peru 2320-0025 March 4.
Thanks to Valko for this tip via Mohrmann. This is a new station from 
Bolivar in La Libertad. " ...la hora que te informa Radio 
Superior..." , "... Radio Superior una radio con estilo propio..." 
almost heard Sunday  March 5 with s/on at the 1050 with NA. "... La 
aurora de este dia, les damos la mas cordial de las bienvenidas para 
disfrutar de nuestra programacion, esperando que todo lo programado 
sea de vuestro completo agrado... Radio Superior, frecuencia 1000 en 
A.M. y onda corta internacional... un mensaje de amistad en los 
cielos andinos, bienvenidos una vez más a nuestra excelente 
programacion, estamos transmitiendo desde el Jiron San Martin 229 en 
la provincia de Bolivar, Departamento de la Libertad, Radio Superior 
un mensaje de amistad en los cielos andinos..." Ments. Humberto 
Lozano as Gerente-propietario and sked 1030-1530 and 2300-0300 
(Rafael Rodriguez R., Colombia, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** PERU. 5995.3, RADIO MELODIA, Arequipa. 1002-1035 March 5. Heard 
with the program Melodia en los Andes. ments carnival music with Los 
Astros de Cuchibamba.. At 1030 "... Desde la ciudad de Arequipa en la 
Republica del Peru, Radio Melodia presenta su noticiero estelar 
Meldia en la noticia, transmitiendo en sus tres frecuencias, 5995 kcs 
onda corta 1.000 vatios de potencia, 104.3? mghz frecuencia modulada 
5.000 de potencia, y en AM 10.000 vatios de potencia, un total de 
16.000 vatios de potencia, 27 años informando con profesionalismo. 
Vamos ya con su director Hugo Ricardo Paucar y la plana de 
periodistas de Radio Melodia..." (Rafael Rodriguez R., Santafe de 
Bogota, Colombia, DX LISTENING DIGEST)

** SOMALIA. Media advisory on current status of factional radios: The 
following is an update on the status of various radio stations in 
Somalia (it should be noted that the operations and frequency usage 
of these radios continues to be erratic and variable): 

Stations in Mogadishu 

Radio Mogadishu, Voice of Somali Pacification (which broadcasts in 
support of faction leader Uthman Ali Ato), has been heard recently on 
the shortwave frequency of 6823 kHz. However, according to the 
Mogadishu newspaper `Ayaamaha' on 2nd March, staff at the station 
have gone on indefinite strike. 

Radio Mogadishu, Voice of the People of the Somali Republic (which 
broadcasts in support of faction leader Husayn Muhammad Aydid), is 
not heard at present. This radio was heard briefly in January (on 
6750 kHz shortwave) after a lengthy absence, but has not been traced 

Radio Banaadir, which began broadcasting recently, is heard at 1600-
1900 gmt on 7213 kHz shortwave. It is believed to be based in 
Mogadishu (Banaadir is the name of the region encompassing Mogadishu 
and its environs). Its affiliation has yet to be confirmed. 

HornAfrik Radio broadcasts on FM from Mogadishu. According to a 
report in the Mogadishu newspaper `Qaran' on 17th February, it is the 
only station in Somalia that is not affiliated to one or other of the 
various factions or regional governments. 

Stations elsewhere in Somalia 

Radio Hargeysa is the official station of the self-declared Republic 
of Somaliland. It is currently heard at 1500-1800 gmt on its new 
shortwave frequency of 7530 kHz. It is also believed broadcast on 
mediumwave (frequency not confirmed). 

Radio Gaalkacyo is the official station of the self-declared state of 
Puntland. It broadcasts at 1600-1700 gmt on 7012 kHz shortwave. 

A new station, Radio Kismaayo, broadcasts at 1600-1730 gmt on 6900 
kHz shortwave. Source: Monitoring research Mar 00 ((c) BBC Monitoring 

** SOMALIA. Dear Glenn, Ref. the following in DXLD 00-34: "Banaadir 
is the Somali word for Mogadishu." This is incorrect. The Somali for 
"Mogadishu" is "Mogadishu" (or "Moqdisho" is you prefer a more exotic 
spelling). Banaadir is the name of the region that encompasses both 
Mogadishu and its immediate environs (Chris Greenway, England, DX 

** TAIWAN. New Star Radio, presumed, 13750 in clear with no TIDGS, 
March 6 at 1310 tune-in to 4-digit Chinese YL numbers, each group 
twice; distorted with hum, which continued after closing announcement 
1314 and open carrier. Resumed at 1330 with music, ID twice ending 
with ``Guangbo diantai``, and shortly back to numbers. At 1350 
recheck in OC again, and also found much weaker carrier on 15388, 
another of its traditional frequencies. 1357 on 13750 music, 1400 
Chinese music and talk but now co-channel QRM, India? 15388 sounded 
very similar but not synchronized //. 1401 some music on 15388 
started several seconds after it started on 13750 (Glenn Hauser, OK, 

- The Catholic Church in Tanzania has decided to launch a radio 
station to evangelize the diverse remote populations of this East 
African country. Radio Faraja, as it will be called, will also aim at 
stopping the growing number of victims of several popular beliefs, 
particularly in the regions most affected by witchcraft-related 

Father Norbert Kija, project coordinator, said that the station would 
broadcast religious programs to encourage conversion in the 
predominantly pagan population of Shinyanga. Shinyanga, a province 
south of Lake Victoria, with a capital of the same name, has more 
witchcraft-related killings than most other provinces. More than 500 
such deaths have taken place in the recent years. Radio Faraja will 
cover most of western Tanzania, said Father Kija. That area includes 
the Diocese of Shinyanga, Bokoba, and Musoma, and the Archdioceses of 
Mwanza on Lake Victoria, and Tabora. Rwanda and Burundi are neighbors 
to the west. English and Swahili are the major languages in this 
nation of 31 million, of whom 25% are Catholic. There are 4 
archdioceses and 25 dioceses. 

The Rome press report gave neither the kind of station Radio Faraja 
would be nor its frequency, but given the territory to be covered, 
which stretches at least 200 miles, that would seem to indicate 
either a high-power AM station, or at least a modest-power tropical 
band or shortwave station. There are very few Catholic radio stations 
in Africa, and no shortwave stations. (The Catholic Update#52 via 
Nicolas Eramo, Argentina via Horacio Nigro, Uruguay, Mar 4, DX 
LISTENING DIGEST)                                          ###

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