Re: [HCDX]: 1521kHz Mayak
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Re: [HCDX]: 1521kHz Mayak

Hi Martin,

According to WRTH and my own data, one of the Mayak relays is located in my
home town, Kazan. Today I've phoned the txing centre, and got a reply that
they are continuing to transmit with 20 kW of power, without any change.

AFAIK, there's no SW relay of Mayak nowadays in RUS. BLR still carries it on
7265 (together with its 2nd domestic px). TKM relays Mayak after the closure
of its 2nd ph after 1900 on 4930.

Besides this, unknown (BLR?) txers transmit Mayak pxs in USB mode on 2338
and 3346 kHz (local night), 4246 and 5256 kHz (local daytime).

Dmitri Mezin
Kazan, Russia

> Why am I hearing RSM Mayak i/s at 1930z here on the east coast of
> Australia. Heard this morn over the Saudi. Has Mayak got a high power on
> 1521 and what is its location? What are the RSM shortwave frequencies
> days for file://ing purposes.

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