Re: [HCDX]: Why QSL?
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Re: [HCDX]: Why QSL?

Hi list:

Sorry to be a bit late with my cmments but after being back from my nice
holiday at Mallorca I read this ...

> > I am such a guy wich ask as last attempt a embassy to help me to
> > QSL a station,
> > for me this is not a diffrence when you visit a station and ask a
> > QSL and the
> > way I do.
> Rubbish. For what do you ask your embassy to help you, if not with
> the intention to increase pressure on the station? Sorry to say so,
> ....
> But after such an experience they won't certainly do it again. It's  
> nothing but a bloody unfair practice to other DXers.
> Martin

And it's the same old story. I think we all have our tricky ways  
getting confirmations, and I've gathered quite some. By the way, the  
best trick is to write a comprehensive report.

However, I have to agree with Martin and Julius: a letter from an  
embassy is kind of an official mail and this is NOT the same than the  
help of another DX-er (like the friendly Winter Monges) or a personal  
visit to the station.

Visiting a station and telling them why you want a QSL possibly means  
opening them up for others. Maybe this is the first time that anyone  
tells them why on earth they should respond to people that listen to  
their programmes thousands of miles beyond their service area.

I'm afraid a letter from an embassy will do the contrary.

73's de JOACHIM
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