RE: [HCDX]: Some DX-Loggings
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RE: [HCDX]: Some DX-Loggings


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> this weekend I was active again on the tropical bands in the hope
> to be able to catch some LA stations with special program on Mothers Day.
> Some stations came in, the more usual ones from Perú and Bolivia, however
> the signals on the lower frequencies were disturbed by a high noise level.

I planned to do some listening too, but that changed yesterday afternoon.
You may have heard about the disaster that happened in the Dutch town of
Enschede. A fireworks warehouse exploded, killing at least 13 people.
Hundreds of people were injured, and many houses were destroyed. Regional
radio and TV covered the disatsrer all afternoon, and had special
programming all night, and that is still going on now (1330 UTC sunday, 24
hours after the explosions). National Television cancelled the coverage of
the Eurovision Songcontest, and covered the story on 2 of the 3 National TV
Prime Minister Kok and Queen Beatrix visited the area this morning, and were
schocked by what they saw. The area looks like big rockets came
a war area.
This all happened appr. 25 kilometers from where I live. The smoke almost
caused a solar eclipse here....

Now, to changed the subject to DXing again, here's 1 logging from me:


4855, Radio La Hora; Cusco, May 12, 2320-2335, Long male talk in Spanish,
probably religious (the bible was mentioned). A short a-capella song at
2333, followed by jingles with ID. Best in LSB; 34343 (Veldhuis)

Mark Veldhuis, the Netherlands.
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