Re: [HCDX]: Some DX-Loggings
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Re: [HCDX]: Some DX-Loggings

>4716.8  R Yura, May 12, 2350-2400, Spanish, Andean music, ID.  SINPO  24222
>4732.3  R La Palabra (presumed), Santa Ana de Yacuma, May 13, 2305-2315,
>Spanish, comunicados.  SINPO  23222
>4796.4  R Mallku, Uyuni, May 13, 2345-2355, Quéchua, Andean music, romantic
>songs.  SINPO  34323
>4855  R Centenario La Nueva, May 13, 2255-2303, Spanish, advertisement,
>jingle with ID, sudden sign off at 2303.  SINPO  33323
>4926.6  R San Miguel, Riberalta, May 13, 2325-2340, Spanish, news magazine
>with political information, ID.  SINPO  33322
>6105.5  R Panamericana, La Paz, May 12, 2320-2330, Spanish, interview with a
>Bolivian singer, advertisement.  SINPO  33323

On 14th May at 2300 UTC:
I heard also Radio Eco San Borja on 4702.25 Khz, station director is Carlos
Espinosa Cortez, also ower of the Eco station Reyes, of wich some years ago
I received a very nice QSL card.
Has anyone received a QSL from Mr Cortez for a report about the Eco station 
in san Borja recently?


Ruud Vos
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