[HCDX]: Radio ELVI, Finland 90,0 MHz
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[HCDX]: Radio ELVI, Finland 90,0 MHz

Radio ELVI is a media camp local radio station in Northeast Finland. Radio ELVI will be in the air between 5th June - 11th June 2000 on 90,0 Mhz with the power of 150 watts. The transmitter is rented from YLE Radio. The station is situated in Kuusiranta village in Vuolijoki county near the town of Kajaani in the Northeast
Finland. The place is on the southern shores of Lake Oulujarvi, one of the largest lakes in Finland. There will be a special DX-Radio Day -program produced by Hannu Romppainen and Alpo Heinonen (both Finnish DX-ers) on Saturday 10th June 2000.

Reception reports can be sent to: Radio ELVi, c/o Markku Korhonen, Rinnetie 12, 88300 Paltamo, Finland. The main operator of the station is OH8UV Markku Korhonen. Most of the programs are in Finnish. However, there will be some IDs and jingles in English, German and Spanish too. 

I hope FM-conditions will be fine this summer, so you could hear this special FM-station also in other countries in Europe. You can also send DX-tips and new to my e-mail address as we cansend greetings and play requested music in the air.

Best 73s from Northeast Finland !

Hannu Romppainen

***** Hannu Romppainen, Paltamo, Finland *****

***** p. 040-5914381 *****
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