[HCDX]: WWW-page of Radio ELVI, Finland
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[HCDX]: WWW-page of Radio ELVI, Finland

Radio ELVi, Vuolijoki, Finland 90,0 MHz FM has a www-page under construction at the address:


More information about Radio ELVi can be read from Radiomaailma -magazine number 5/2000 in the end of May.

Reception reports are welcomed to:
Radio ELVI, c/o Markku Korhonen, Rinnetie 12, 88300  Paltamo, FINLAND.

And don't forget "DX-Radio Day" -program produced by Hannu Romppainen and Alpo Heinonen on Saturday June 10th on 90,0 MHz (150watts).

Best 73s from Northeast Finland,

Hannu Romppainen

***** Hannu Romppainen, Paltamo, Finland *****

***** p. 040-5914381 *****
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