Re: [HCDX] Falun Dafa on 9330
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Re: [HCDX] Falun Dafa on 9330

On Sat, 25 Nov 2000, bjorn fransson wrote:

> Hi all,
> Yesterday night (Nov 24th) I listened on 9310 kHz at 22.00 and found 
> nothing. I went around and at 22.02 I found a Chinese speaking station many 
> times talking about Falun Dafa on 9330 kHz. Reception was good until about 
> 22.11, when another station outnoised everything else. So I have reason to 
> believe that I heard the Falun Dafa station on 9330 kHz. Is there anybody 
> out there who has got an address to write to, please!?
> 73 from Bjorn Fransson, the island of Gotland, Sweden

I was able to find some information about this station.
Look at:

Some pages are fully in chinese language.

Reijo Alapiha

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