RE: [HCDX] KONG5 DX-pedition to Arctic Norway
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RE: [HCDX] KONG5 DX-pedition to Arctic Norway

Hello Bjarne,

That's a very interesting report you wrote.  I liked also your culinary
The most interesting part, of course are the loggings.

But it seems to be a habit amongst MW-DXers, not to include any reference to
signal quality.  It seems like the Nordic, American and British MW-DXers are
reporting their achievements this way.  I can't imagine why.  It is quite
common to include SIO or SINPO ratings in logbooks, so why not including
those figures when reporting MW catches?  It makes a hell of a difference if
you can hear station XYZ at armchair listening level with O/4 to 5, or if
you have to prick up your ears at its utmost.

BTW : I had WMIB 1660 last Sunday at 0715 with Sinpo 45444 ! I'm wondering
if they reduced their power to nighttime level.



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Onderwerp: [HCDX] KONG5 DX-pedition to Arctic Norway

A log from KONG5, held in Arctic Norway Oct. 12 - 17, is available as a
pdf-file on

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